Make Your Connections Count

Make Your Connections Count A valuable tool to help you turn your networking efforts into a business-building machine. With this book, you can quickly rev up your networking know-how. Top experts in each of their specialties have joined together to give you proven, highly effective networking strategies. You'll find everything you need to make your connections truly count and your business thrive.

Success in High Heels

There is no better teacher than your own business. Yet there is nothing more challenging, humbling and nerve-racking than being your own boss!

Success in High Heels Thirty amazing, successful women have gathered together to help you remove the stress and overwhelm from this picture. You need to master the “how” in order to thrive in business while still being able to have a life and the time to live it. Each of these women has a powerful lesson to share with you, so you can achieve the success you so deeply desire in next to no time. No subject is left uncovered. You'll learn everything from how to market your business so you are visible everywhere; how to sell more at a higher rate so you don't need to count the pennies; how to use Social Media to grow your business in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world; how to attract high-paying clients so you work less and earn more; and how to be healthy, happy and in love with your work while serving hundreds of satisfied clients. Each chapter is an absolute gem, a source of amazing inspiration, a meaningful moment of truth. This book is the only tool you'll ever need to step onto the path towards your own success with confidence and self-belief. It is written with love, authenticity and humor. Beware and remember to hang on tight, because you'll be utterly bowled over by what is revealed inside this book!

Pick Patty’s Brain

PickPattysBrain-sm Ever wish you could pick Patty’s brain? Have a burning question you need Patty to answer? Some of her best work comes out of these Q&A sessions and she loves doing them! You choose the topic and she’ll provide ideas, solutions and strategies based on 30+ years of sales, marketing, networking, social media and entrepreneurial know-how and expertise. Secure your time slot now!


30-Minute Session $97
60-Minute Session $187


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