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PATTY FARMER delivers key marketing and business growth strategies to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. She is an AWARD-WINNING and IN-DEMAND marketing and social media strategist who arms her audiences with practical, actionable real-world information. She helps them use marketing, social media, networking, collaboration, and list building strategies to meet and exceed their business goals. Passionate and approachable, Patty is a great fit for conferences, professional associations, and conventions.

Business woman lecturing at Conference. Patty tailors her programs to meet the needs of the event in a variety of formats: keynote, breakout session, workshop, training and retreats. She gives high content programs to audiences across the globe including Emerging Tech Conference, MAPcon + TBOY, Marcom Career Connections, Powerful Women’s Retreat, Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals Association and Today’s Innovative Woman. Patty is the host of the popular Networking CEO radio show, a Featured Speaker of the Public Speakers Association and Premiere Member of Women Speakers Association.

Patty has received the following industry recognition and awards:

  • International Collaborator of the Year
  • Social Media Influencer of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • International Women’s Day Service Award for Business
  • Best Business Connector in Dallas
  • America’s Most Influential Business Connector
  • N. Dallas Top Female Business Executive
  • Twitter Ultimate List of Social CEO’s

Here is a list of Patty’s speaking topics:

Leveraging Your Li$t: Connections to Clients
Effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success! Permission-based relationship marketing is the fastest, most effective way to grow your list AND your bank account. Today, your list is your virtual audience or marketplace. It’s true that the size of your list matters, but the real secret is in knowing what to do with your list once you’ve built it. Patty shares simple but effective list-building strategies to grow a big list, position yourself as an expert and receive a return on your relationships.

Social Selling: 5 Steps to Putting the Social Back in Sales
Social selling, by definition, is the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process. In today’s business environment this often takes place via social networking but can take place online or offline. Studies have proven that 60% of a buying decision is made before a salesperson is even in the conversation. Attendees learn how to position themselves as a thought leader and industry expert, and how to identify who the real decision makers are before the competition does. They also learn what is important to them, and what they actually need from you to influence their purchasing decisions.

Mastering Email Marketing: Converting Prospects Into Customers
Imagine having your Facebook friends and fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Google+ circles all on your email list. How would that change your bottom line? Email marketing continues to have dramatically better ROI than any other marketing channel. Patty shares how to convert followers to prospects to paying customers.

Six-Figure Follow Up: Connections to Ca$h
Known as the Networking CEO™, Patty shares how to transform networking into create cash-generating collaborations.
Attendees learn effective networking strategies, such as: asking open-ended questions to start conversations; requesting referrals with ease; obtaining permission to stay in touch; and how following up converts new connections to cash. Patty teaches how to stop being a business card collector and be a people connector!


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