Perhaps you’re asking yourself—

Who is Patty Farmer and how do I know if I’d like to work with her?

Choosing a coach is all about fit, so let me share a little about myself…You already know I’m an International Speaker, Author & Business Growth Strategist, but I’m also your Marketability, Visibility and Referability Expert. In simpler words, I am professional idea generator and master dot connector. I coach as a verb, not a noun. I empower entrepreneurs, execs and business owners to get unstuck and catapult their businesses to the next level. I guide you through turning your passion and purpose into profits. I will hold your hand as we work through the tough stuff AND I will hold you accountable.

strategy My clients will tell you that I eat, sleep and breathe not only strategy but more importantly RESULTS, my integrity is my everything and I have a great sense of humor. If I’m not having fun in my business, I don’t do it!

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, kick fear to the curb and do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, please accept my invitation to apply for a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session to discuss your business challenges and how we can work together to break through them to achieve next-level success!

How do I know if I need Patty’s help?

You have a great product or service, but are unsure if it’s market ready

Marketability—Your sales and profitability depend on a cohesive, congruous message throughout your advertising, sales and customer service processes. Your customized plan may include…

You have a great product or service, but fewer customers than you’d like

Visibility—You can have the world’s greatest product or service, but it means nothing if potential customers don’t know about you. We help you craft and manage your presence—online and offline. Your customized plan may include…

You spend time networking, but don’t feel it’s paying off

Referability—Your network is your net worth. We help you to maximize your return on your networking investment. Your customized plan may include…

What types of coaching packages does Patty offer?
I customize packages for each of my clients’ specific needs, so you’ll never experience one-size-fits-all coaching with me. I work by phone, Skype or in person (my location or yours). Here are a few of my most popular packages:

Pick Patty’s Brain—3o-Minute or 60-Minute Sessions Available
Some of my best work comes out of these Q&A sessions and I love doing them! You choose the topic and I’ll provide ideas, solutions and strategies based on my 30+ years of sales, marketing, networking, social media and entrepreneurial know-how and expertise. Just click this link to secure your timeslot now.

VIP Coaching Day—Virtual or In Person
6 Hours of Coaching (plus breaks and lunch)
This format works well for clients who have a specific project to work on or need results—right now!

Two-Week Marketing Turnaround
Pre-Session Marketing Assessment and Online Presence Analysis
90-Minute Diagnostic Session discussing current marketing endeavors
Target Market Analysis
90-Minute Strategy Session
90-Minute Session on growing your list/income streams and outlining next steps

One-Month Performance Power Pack
Pre-Session Goals Assessment
Four weekly 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
Action Planning Guide

Three-Month Income-Generating Intensive
Pre-Session Goals Assessment
Six Bi-Weekly 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
Four 45-Minute Implementation Accountability Calls Ensure Your Success (Scheduled at 30-days, 60-days, 90-days and 120-days post Three-Month Intensive)

Six-Month Sales Surge Intensive
Pre-Session Goals Assessment
Everything DiSC® Sales Report
Twelve Bi-Weekly 60-Minute Coaching Sessions
60-Minute Sales Coaching Session
60-Minute Neuromarketing Coaching Session
Four 45-Minute Implementation Accountability Calls Ensure Your Success (Scheduled at 30-days, 60-days, 90-days and 120-days post Six-Month Intensive)
2 Tickets to Sales Strategy Summit

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