Patty Farmer, The Networking CEO™, is an award-winning and in-demand marketing professional, social media strategist, dynamic professional speaker, radio show host and co-author of two highly acclaimed books: Make Your Connections Count and Success in High Heels.

training Patty delivers key marketing and business growth strategies as a passionate speaker to a global audience of executives, entrepreneurs, professional associations and conventions including Emerging Tech Conference, MAPcon + TBOY, Marcom Career Connections, Powerful Women’s Retreat, Wellness Expo and Decisive Success Series. Patty motivates audiences and arms them with practical, actionable real-world information. Patty’s programs are tailored to her audiences and are offered as keynotes, breakout sessions as well as hands-on, in-depth immediately applicable training:

Networking Mastery: Wallflower to Rockstar
Effective networking is the most powerful way to turn connections into cash. It is not difficult but requires a definite strategy to be truly effective. Otherwise it’s just lots of talk and zero cash for the effort. You’ll learn to make quality connections by avoiding common networking pitfalls and faux pas and to actively listen rather than silently “itching to pitch.” You’ve mixed, mingled and returned home with a stack of business cards—now what? Patty will teach you to craft a transition statement getting permission to follow up along with a winning networking formula: Connections + Conversations + Clues + Collaboration = Cash.

Networking From Both Sides of the Vendor Booth
Everyone at an expo has different goals and priorities—Attendee vs. Vendor vs. Sponsor. One thing they all have in common is that they’d prefer to walk away with dollars in their pockets rather than just business cards. Patty will walk you through setting up your expo action plan, formulating effective questions to qualify and categorize new contacts and, most importantly, executing your follow-up plan to keep your sales funnel full.

Money-Making Marketing Strategies From Both Sides of the Podium—Speaker or Attendee
Before you book your travel and register to attend that next expo or seminar, do you have strategies in place to recoup a return on your investment? Or perhaps you’re speaking at a big convention where you’re not allowed to sell from the stage. Patty shares revolutionary strategies to make every event a profitable showcase for you and your business—you’ll never look at events the same way.

Neuromarketing Nirvana: The Art & Science of Predicting and Influencing Buying Decisions
Neuromarketing represents a new frontier of market research gathering customers’ neural and biometric responses to marketing messages. Patty shares key strategies to learn how your customers’ brains think in order to market to them more effectively and ultimately, to better serve them. Learning why customers make decisions is the first step in predictive marketing. You’ll leave with an actionable plan utilizing the latest research to break through a crowded, cluttered marketplace.

Establish Your Authority as an Influencer with Klout
The Klout score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure your true reach, amplification and network impact. Learn how to earn a higher Klout score and establish your authority through your online presence.

Empowering Women to Succeed
Whether you work for yourself or someone else, empowerment means taking ownership of your career and giving yourself permission to fulfill your dreams. It’s easy as a woman to fall into the trap of not pursuing your dreams because it seems selfish to focus on something that may be perceived as “just for you.” Patty will walk you through a step-by-step process to define your why, set your purpose and assign deadlines to your dreams with a plan to get you there. You’ll learn to get out of your own way, take an honest inventory of any self-defeating behaviors and learn new skills to eliminate them.

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