3 Tips for Booking More Speaking Engagements

3 tips for booking speaking engagements How to Fill Your Speaking Calendar

I love to be able to meet and share with others through various speaking engagements. However, keeping a speaking calendar full can be challenging at times, especially when you are just beginning. Whether you are new to speaking or a seasoned pro, there are always times that you will have a few empty slots on the calendar that need to be filled. Let me share 3 of my favorite ways to fill those slots and increase the number of speaking engagements.

#1 Check Out Your Competition

It is always good to know what your competition is doing so, check out other speakers in your niche/industry and make a note of where they are speaking. You can find this information by reading their newsletters or blogs and social media where they are posting about speaking gigs they have done and that they have coming up in the future.

#2 Google it!

Do a Google search of past conferences that are popular with your target audience and potential clients and watch for their call for speakers. You can also find out who the past speakers have been and which topics tend to be popular and make sure the topic you submit will be a good fit. You can also Google speaker based groups on LinkedIn and Facebook groups as well as utilizing various promotional threads that are specifically designed to encourage and help promote speaking opportunities.

#3 Utilize the Law of Reciprocity

This is known as “helping others may eventually help you.” If you know some great speakers, refer them to events where you have spoken. You can also ask them for referrals of events that might be a good fit for your speaking topics. Any time you speak or even just attend events make sure you get to know the sponsors. They can be a great resource for referrals to other events and introductions to the event planner or host.

Bonus Tip!

As you use the tips above to fill up your calendar with speaking engagements you might want to freshen up or add to your speaking topic.

Here is a tip to creating new material: Write down a list of frequently asked questions by your clients or target audience and put together a talk based on how you can solve those problems.

Once you implement a few of these ideas on a regular basis the effect will begin to snowball and your speaking calendar will be full.

Do you have a tip that has helped you to increase your speaking engagements? I would love to hear from you and have you share in the comments below!


  1. Great tips! Another point is that people who are booking speakers have a goal: to make their event look awesome so people will want to attend. An easy way to do that is by showing that you’re an in-demand and sought out person. Even if you’re just starting out, a great way to provide social proof and boost your credibility and authority is with press coverage. Seeing those media logos next to your name will give you an instant edge to get you booked.

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