5 Benefits to Booking More Speaking Engagements

Booking speaking engagements Some people are better at speaking than others while some would sooner have the flu than speak in front of a group of people. However, there are many reasons why you should accept speaking engagements when you are asked as well as generate them on your own.  I have listed 5 of the main reasons why speaking engagements are important to you and your brand.

Why You Should Say “Yes” to More Speaking Engagements

Lead Generation

Any time you speak, you have a room full of potential clients. To make your audience eager to tell others about you and your business, you must make them feel a personal connection to you. Utilizing personal stories within your presentation is an excellent way to connect with the audience. These stories make the information easier to remember, but they also create a feeling in audience members that you understand them and they know you on a deeper level. By doing this, you have started building a relationship with each person and when you have a relationship they are much more likely to be an excellent source for leads.

Name Recognition

Your name is shared in numerous places both virtual and at the event itself when you are the speaker at an event. You can get great PR from those involved in the event as well as those attending or seeing information about you and the event in their social media feed.

Here some just some of the places your name will show up when you book a speaking engagement:

  • Through event promotion materials – your name and area of expertise will be seen by both those attending as well as those within the social media feeds where the event materials are shared
  • At the event itself – you will be seen and heard by the people who attend
  • On social media during and after the event – people who do not attend will see the attendees talking about you and what you spoke about as they tweet and share during and after the event.
  • Other speakers and event planners – they will both see your name (in programs, signage, social media, etc.) and possibly even hear your presentation at the event and will have your name when looking for speakers for their future events. This will further the reach of your name and brand recognition.
  • Your own promotions – Make sure to utilize speaking engagements in your newsletters, websites, or E-zines to let your clients, potential clients, and promotional partners know.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

When you are a speaker, you are automatically seen as a thought leader on that topic to prospects, clients, and others. Speaking will elevate others’ opinion of you and make them think that you MUST be good at what you do if you were asked to speak on the topic they are considering hiring you for. Speaking on a topic will establish you as an expert in that niche and field in the minds of others.

Build Relationships with New Strategic Partners or Potential Clients

When speaking at an event that has other speakers, be sure to attend as many of the other speakers’ presentations or breakout sessions as you can. This will allow you to find new strategic partners in those speakers and, if they serve the same audience as you, that could lead to future collaboration and potential new clients as well.

Create New Content for Your Marketing

After giving your presentation you should use that content in multiple ways. You can break your presentation content into multiple blog posts, emails, SlideShare, social media posts, or even e-books. You may also be able to take the content and turn it into a webinar as well. The point is that you should use your presentation to reach as many different audiences as you can through multiple avenues. This will also help to fill your content marketing funnel.

The benefits of taking on speaking engagements far outweigh any hesitation you may have toward speaking. And, if you have spoken before, be sure to continue reaching out to your network for more opportunities to speak. The more you speak, the more people will look to you when they have questions or needs in your industry and niche. It is also a way to market yourself and your brand, make yourself a thought leader in your industry, and create and build relationships with joint venture partners and potential clients.  It really is a win-win for you and your audience.

What are some of the top ways you have found to book more speaking engagements? Please share in the comments below and let’s help each other get booked!


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