6 Etiquette Tips for Working at Your Local Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Etiquette Tips Working remotely from home is becoming more popular now that most work and communication is done digitally. That means that many entrepreneurs and small business owners use their local coffee shop as their favorite office space away from home. If you count yourself among the growing number of coffee shop workers, then know you are in good company. However, there are certain unspoken rules of coffee shop etiquette that should be followed to avoid offending your fellow workers or the owner of the coffee shop itself.

Etiquette Tips for Working at a Coffee Shop

Because these rules are largely unspoken, they are often violated by those who are new to the coffee shop scene or those that are just not aware that some etiquette rules do apply in this type of locale. In order to help all of us, it may be time to give some tips on proper guidelines when using your favorite coffee shop as a meeting place or as another remote office location.

6 Tips for Coffee Shop Etiquette

#1 Always make a purchase.

The coffee shop is a business and a $2.00 cup of coffee for 6 hours of free workspace and WIFI is not going to make you popular. Be supportive of your fellow business person and purchase their products. As I have mentioned in other posts, if you are willing to help other businesses then eventually other businesses will help you. It’s a win-win.

#2 Give the coffee shop a shout out on social media.

Another great way to support your favorite coffee shop is on social media.

  • Check-in
  • Give them a positive review,
  • Tag them in a post about your meeting

#3 Take the smallest size table for your needs.

If it is only going to be you and one other person, don’t occupy a 4-seat table just to have more room to spread out. Tables are always in short supply at coffee shops so be considerate and leave the larger tables for larger parties.

#4 Don’t hog the electrical outlet.

If you don’t need an electrical outlet, choose an open seat that isn’t near one. However, if you find yourself with an outlet, be considerate and let those nearby know that they are welcome to use it if they need to charge their laptop or phone. An even better idea is to carry a power strip with you and win friends. Sharing a power strip is also an easy way to do some networking with your fellow coffee shop patrons.

#5 Keep the noise level down.

Many people use coffee shops to work where they won’t be interrupted by pets, children, or co-workers, so be sure that you are promoting that environment for others. A coffee shop is not the place to take calls via speakerphone or to watch webinars or videos without a headset or earbuds. You should also be aware of your voice level when talking on the phone or with someone in person. Speak loud enough for the other person to hear you, but not so loud that everyone can hear your entire conversation.

#6 Clean up after yourself.

Make sure to leave your space clean when you leave. Be sure to pick up all your trash and dispose of it on the way out. This will help other patrons looking for a seat as well as the coffee shop.

If you follow these six simple rules, you will make your coffee shop office a better place for you, those around you, and the business itself. You may also make some valuable connections and make a fan of the coffee shop employees and owner. And who doesn’t need more fans?

What other tips do you want to share for those who work at coffee shops? Please share in the comments below.

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