How to Become a Bestselling Author and Use It to Grow Your Business

How to grow your business by becoming a bestselling author This is a guest blog from Ellen Violette.

7 Easy Steps to Becoming a Bestselling Author and Using That to Grow Your Business

There are many business models that work if you work them, but the key is finding one that lets you follow your passion and that you have the skill to excel at. Or, if you can’t find one that fits the bill perfectly, you may have to create one of your own taking elements from different sources, which is exactly what I did to create my Bestseller Business Blueprint.

The Formula

This model is great for people who are not very technical and who enjoy writing and creating products and programs. It is a 7-step process that anyone can follow.

Here is the formula:

  1. Write a book
  2. Publish your book in Amazon
  3. Do a KDP bestseller launch
  4. Create a 30-day marketing plan that you can implement in 15-30 minutes a day every single month
  5. Create a backend that makes you BIG money. It can be a coaching program or a membership or both depending on how big you want to grow your business
  6. Create additional products. Turn your book into an audio program and a video program or offer them together as a package.
  7. Repeat

So, let’s go through the elements in greater detail.

Why Start with a Book? 

First, it will help you organize your thinking. Second, it will market for you so you get rid of lookie loos and attract more qualified buyers and you don’t have to work as hard. Third, it gives you instant credibility and expert status. People who write books make more money. (And those who also speak get more gigs.) And fourth, it allows you to take advantage of the marketing tools that Amazon offers, so you don’t have to work as hard!


Step 1. To get started, you will have to figure out your core message and the best way to communicate it to your audience.   You’ll also have to figure out who is your best target market and where they congregate.  Next, look at what is already offered by your “competition” so you offer something a bit different.  Then, figure out what your market wants that it isn’t getting already. (A good place to start for this is looking at the review of competitor’s books in Kindle).

Make sure you do the marketing research to see how you want to position your book in Kindle and get started writing.  Create your title first, then your outline, then fill in the blanks.  And here’s the good news, you can outsource all or part of the process; however, I recommend you stay involved in content creation since you are the one who knows your material, and it will sound more authentic.


Step 2. Publish your book in Amazon. If you want to do a KDP bestseller launch, then you have to give Amazon a 90-day exclusive. So, I suggest only publishing in Amazon to start. You can publish on other sites and/or on your website later. Or, you may decide to sell only from Amazon since a large percentage of ebooks are sold there; plus, you get a lot of exposure if you do it right; and Amazon will, as I mentioned earlier, help market your book for you!


Step 3. Do your launch. The reason I suggest that authors start with a KDP launch is twofold. First, you get a lot of exposure because there are over 100 announcement sites that will advertise your free launch and send a ton of traffic to your site (which makes it easy to become a bestseller and makes it doable for newbies as well as lazy authors)!   And second, would you rather promote a book or a bestseller?  It’s a lot easier to promote and make sales once you’ve made your book a bestseller.


Step 4. Create your marketing strategy and track your results. The more you market your book, the more sales, customers, and clients you will get. But, marketing can be overwhelming and complicated if you don’t create a plan that works for you.  That means creating a plan that you will stick to as well as one that is effective and doesn’t take hours out of your day to implement. My marketing plan focuses on using the Amazon promotional tools, social media, and writing strategies because that’s what I like to do and that’s what I’m good at.  Your strategy should reflect your strengths and passions as well.


Step 5. Create a backend to your business.  If you are a coach, then your backend could be a group coaching and/or an individual coaching program. You could also include a membership site. Or, you might want to just have a membership site that gives great content every week or month and may or may not also have training with you personally or with guest interviews.


Step 6. Create additional products from your book. There is no easier way to make more money than to take the book you already have and expand it into an audio and/or video program!


Step 7. Once you’ve gone through all the steps, don’t stop. Continue to write books, publish, launch, and market them as you grow your business.  Each time you launch another book on Amazon, you will get more traffic, grow your subscribers list, and create more passive income streams for your business.

Plus, Amazon will market your older books each time you launch and market a new one!  (On the sales page for each book, there is a section that says, “Customers who bought this Item also bought…” and if you have more books, yours will show up there!) So, your empire will grow exponentially over time.  Eventually, it will give you the passive income and the freedom you want to do whatever you want to do!

So, if this process sounds like fun to you and you want passive income and the freedom to live your life the way you want, I want to invite you to follow it!

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Ellen Violette is a book-creation, book-marketing, & business coach. She is a 6-time #1 Bestselling author and creator of the Bestseller Business Blueprint. Ellen is also a 2-time eLit Award winner, recipient of the “Be the Change” Award, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She creates book and business strategies using publishing and content marketing for thought leaders, coaches, independent professionals, speakers, and authors. You can learn more at

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