How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media with Graphics

How to promote your blog on Social Media with Graphics Graphics are an Effective Way to Promote your Blogs on Social Media

People love visuals. Think about it. When you are scrolling through social media or even a magazine, what makes you stop at an article? I would guess that isn’t a page full of nothing but text. More likely it is some type of visual that caught your attention. Either an image or a graphic of some sort is more likely to get people to actually read your blog more than the actual information or a great title. While both of those help keep readers interested, it is something visual that will make them want to read your blog.

However, you shouldn’t just stop with putting a great visual into your blog. Instead, create a new visual or use the visual in your blog to promote it as well. Here are some ways you can use a visual to promote your blog:


Create a Graphic

One of the easiest ways to create a visual is to take a quote from your blog and turn it into a graphic. You can use a website like Stencil to easily make a graphic from any quote of text. You can and should brand it with your unique color scheme and logo. Then, once you have your graphic, start putting it up on your social media sites. And, make sure that it always links to your blog post.



Pin your graphic to a blog board on your Pinterest. If you don’t have a blog board yet, you should create one so followers can find your blog posts easily. But don’t stop at just your board. Look up group boards that relate to your blog topic and pin your blog graphic there as well.


Twitter and Facebook

With only 140 characters it can be tricky to stand out on Twitter, but adding your graphic to tweets about your blog post can help. You can also tweet just the graphic on twitter as well as long as you make sure it is linked to your blog and pin it to the top of your Twitter feed.

Don’t forget to use the Facebook groups you monitor to promote your blog in addition to posting the graphic on your own page, but only if the subject of your blog is relevant to the group’s topic. You can also use your graphic to help answer questions that others may ask in your Facebook groups and in group promo threads as well.



Instagram was made for visuals and the perfect chance to use your graphic to get people to your blog. Remember to use relevant hashtags and to update the bio with the new link to that specific blog. Then, in comments, you can write “Read the post now, click the link in my bio.”

By using a visual, image or graphic to promote your blog across your social media sites you will increase your readers and ultimately your followers on your blog site. Providing a visual to gain interest in what you have written can be very effective.


Have you used visuals to promote your blog? Share in the comments below about your experience!

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