Leveraging LinkedIn for New Business with Linda Waterhouse

Patty Farmer

Linda Waterhouse is an award-winning digital marketing strategist who helps small businesses and professionals get noticed, get connected and get clients. She shows motivated business owners and professionals how to leverage LinkedIn for personal branding and for generating an endless stream of leads.

Linda is a co-author of “Turn Knowledge Into Profits” and is featured in the 3rd edition of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business. She was honored to be named a 2018 Top 25 New Jersey Leading Woman Entrepreneur Brand Builder.

When she’s not working, Linda can usually be found biking, playing pickleball, or hiking.

WEBSITE: https://www.LindaWaterhouse.com

You’re ready to leverage LinkedIn to get endless streams of high value clients, so head over to the website and get in touch with Linda Waterhouse.


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