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Are you tired of spending your time and MONEY chasing strategy after strategy only to discover what worked 10, 5, or even 2 years ago is not working NOW?

Things shift fast in the online space and if you’re not keeping up, you’re getting left behind. It’s time for something different…

Welcome to the Marketing, Media, and Money Podcast where every single episode will be jam packed with PROVEN, PROFITABLE strategies, behind-the-scenes secrets and what’s working NOW resources … from industry experts and global influencers to help you scale your business, shorten your learning curve, and stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace.

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Learn the keys to boosting your lead pipeline through collaboration with our guest Melanie Benson, an authority amplifier for expert-preneurs. Melanie and Patty discuss the opportunities in podcast collaborations - from generating consistent leads to becoming an authority in your field. You’ll also find helpful tips on choosing the right podcasts to collaborate with, and why having a clear and compelling personal brand is important for entrepreneurs seeking high-profile collaborations. Plus, stick around as Melanie reveals her scorecard of the common mistakes that experts make in interviews and how to avoid them to maximize your returns. This is an episode brimming with strategies to elevate your visibility and authority in the podcasting realm!
In today's fast-paced business world, referrals and relationships cannot be overstated. It has become a vital aspect of entrepreneurship. In this episode, Patty is joined by Tonya Gossage who brings a unique perspective on the power of referral-based business, relationship-building within the digital landscape, and leveraging affiliate marketing authentically. Learn how Tonya built a successful business entirely through referrals and relationships. Listen as Patty and Tonya chat about why knowing your true self is crucial, both in your personal life and in your career. They also talk about how having a solid community can boost not just your connections but also your bank account. You shouldn’t miss this noteworthy episode!
Why stress over creating new content from scratch when you can leverage and repurpose valuable podcast episodes and guest appearances? Lyndsay Phillips, CEO of Smooth Business Podcasting shares her expertise on how to strategically leverage and repurpose podcast interviews to boost visibility, leads, and create branded authority-boosting content. Patty and Lyndsay stress the need for a systematic guesting approach, covering everything from YouTube content creation to SEO-optimized show notes. Moreover, you will get practical tips for repurposing podcast content to ensure ongoing promotion and relationship building. Whether you’re a podcast host or guest, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you leverage the podcasting platform for significant impact.
Amidst the cluttered landscape of social media feeds, there exists a timeless avenue where relationships are nurtured and conversions flourish - the humble yet mighty, email inbox. Patty, together with Judi Harrington, dive into the strategy of effective email marketing and the importance of giving it a personal touch. They also cover why storytelling isn't just for books – but a powerful tool to connect and engage. Patty & Judi will walk you through the nuances of what makes readers click and stick to your emails. From the strategic placement of the unsubscribe button to respecting your reader's time, Patty and Judi cover it all – including tips on frequency, consistency, and why unsubscribing can benefit your focus on more engaged subscribers. It's an episode packed with insights on email marketing do's and don'ts.
Learn the sheer alchemy of storytelling as Mel Trumble, life coach and word-weaver extraordinaire, walks you through the labyrinth of her own life's tale. Patty and Mel explore how sharing personal experiences can create an emotional connection with clients and help develop a stronger leadership presence. Mel shares the importance of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and transforming trauma into a superpower, while Patty emphasizes the value of self-compassion and being one's best friend. Wrap up your week with this episode, filled with heartening discussions on growth amidst life's challenges and the power of storytelling in business and life. Your story is waiting to be told, and this episode is the perfect companion for learning how to share it with the world.