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Welcome to the Marketing, Media, and Money Podcast where every single episode will be jam packed with PROVEN, PROFITABLE strategies, behind-the-scenes secrets and what’s working NOW resources … from industry experts and global influencers to help you scale your business, shorten your learning curve, and stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace.

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Podcasting is evolving at lightning speed! Join Patty and her expert guest, Kay Suthar, the CEO and founder of the Make Your Mark podcast agency, as they take us into the cutting-edge world of AI and Web3 technologies in podcasting. Discover how these innovations can revolutionize the podcasting ecosystem, boosting visibility and transforming shows into profitable ventures. Learn about future-proofing your podcast with AI and Web3 integration, and explore the incredible benefits of video podcasting for SEO and authority building. Get tips on launching your podcast, like seeding content early, getting your audience involved, and using cross-promotion opportunities. Find out how digital assets like podcasts, websites, and SEO play an important role in driving business growth. Don’t miss this episode packed with valuable tips and strategies for podcasters!
How does mastering the art of making emotional connections during sales contribute significantly to your business success? Let’s explore this powerful concept with Joe Pallo, the master in the art of emotional sales and referrals. Join Patty and Joe as they chat about why building real relationships in networking is a game-changer. Spoiler alert: it's not just about racking up immediate referrals! Joe shares his "E.A.R.N.I.N.G Sales System," with tips on how to make emotional connections that lead to successful sales, and the strategies for nailing those sales conversations. You'll also pick up tips on acing virtual interactions and see how referrals can profoundly impact your business growth. Plus, you don't want to miss the role-play segment where Joe shows how he asks for feedback and identifies potential referrals on the spot. Whether you’re a sales pro or just getting started, there’s something here for you!
In this episode, Tina Parker, founder of Lead Outside the Lines, shares her journey through burnout and personal challenges, leading to a redefinition of success. Learn her “Scale Up Framework," which is all about aligning your inner structure—your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs—to drive sustainable actions and success. Tina shares how leadership begins from within, the criticality of brain health, and the transformative power of generative questions. Together with Patty, they emphasize the necessity of balancing personal and professional life, adopting an adaptive mindset, and prioritizing self-care. Tina offers insights for high achievers on navigating change, uncovering root issues, and aligning actions with core values. If you’re aiming to make a profound and lasting impact in their personal and professional lives, this episode is for you!
In this digital era, live video presents unparalleled opportunities for growth and engagement. Joining us is JP Hightek, a top global branding & media expert and leading authority on using video podcasts for organic marketing. JP shares how personal branding builds trust-driven customer relationships and enhances brand visibility. He also reveals how he built a six-figure business in just five months and promises that you can replicate his success by following his streamlined blueprint. Discover the world of live video, highlighting the importance of high-quality audio, strategic use of AI, and best practices for successful live streaming—from basic setups to advanced solutions. Listen to success stories, SEO tips, and insights on video selling and the metaverse. It is time to explore the transformative potential of video in business, guided by JP’s exceptional expertise and strategic vision!
In today's episode, host Patty Farmer chats with copywriter & content marketer Christine McShane about how to connect with your dream clients using great copy and brand differentiators—without wasting time on fad tactics. Christine shares how building a community through collaboration and relationship-building can transform client relationships and boost sales. They explore the difference between information and transformation, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human connection in copy and content writing. They also discuss the role of AI in content creation, the importance of personalized marketing, and how brand differentiators can set you apart. Tune in for actionable insights on standing out in a crowded market!