MMAM 134 | Business Success

Dress Your Business For Success With Krista Beavers (Episode 134)

Patty Farmer podcast

Most businesses started as passion projects, with owners turning the things they love into income streams. However, many are unaware how to secure business success, and they only send money down the drain. Patty Farmer chats with Master Business Growth Strategist Krista Beavers, who talks about her signature customized system, Dress Your Business for Success. She explains how this crash …

MMAM 133 | Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Move from a “Doer” to a “Leader” with Vanessa Judelman (Episode 133)

Patty Farmer podcast

Mastering leadership is something that every entrepreneur should strive for. It is the only way that they can put the right people and processes in place so they can operate in their unique brilliance. And it is the only way that they can generate enough profit and achieve that money and time freedom that everyone is aiming for. What are …

MMAM 132 | Mindset Shift

The Mindset Shift You Need to Perform with Speed with Lori Hanson (Episode 132)

Patty Farmer podcast

Not everything you need is big to make a shift. That’s why it’s called a shift. The same thing applies to mindset. Sometimes, a little whisper in your ear is all you need. Known as the “Success Whisperer,” Lori Hanson has been doing this for many years to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and executive unlock the next level of their journey. …

MMAM 131 | F.A.S.T. Track Plan

The F.A.S.T. Track Plan to Clients with Hailey Rowe (Episode 131)

Patty Farmer podcast

Have you ever wondered why, despite posting online every day, your audience doesn’t really seem to go and sales don’t really seem to happen? Do you want to stand out online and actually create demand for your services? Then you’re in the right place! In this episode, Hailey Rowe talks about how posting every day might actually be costing you …

MMAM 130 | Photo Marketing

Photo Marketing and Why it is the Future of Marketing with Lia Biscardi (Episode 130)

Patty Farmer podcast

Photo marketing is the best way to attract more customers to your products. Pictures tell a bigger story than just words, but if you are able to combine both mediums, you’ll be able to really win your audience over. You want to be able to sell your stories through visuals so you can really touch on their heartstrings. Join Patty …

MMAM 129 | Money Manifestation

Money, Manifestation, and Mindset with Abi Rogers (Episode 129)

Patty Farmer podcast

When we become successful it does not happen overnight, but there is a formula to create your dream life. Money, Manifestation, and Mindset – the science behind creating everything you want. Abi Rogers, a Hypnotherapist, explains how you can create your dream life through money, manifestation, and mindset. We’ll explore why manifestation isn’t just woo. We will also look at …

MMAM 128 | JV Partners

Creating, Identifying and Nurturing JV Partners with Steve Feld (Episode 128)

Patty Farmer podcast

Learn how to make joint venture partners so that you can grow your business without spending more money on marketing or advertising. Let’s say you’re a florist and there is a wedding, every wedding needs a ring. So look at your connections and partnerships and joint ventures with a ring maker. Make a deal where both of you can profit. …

MMAM S7 E127 | Business Niche

Bulls Eye!: Building a Breakthrough Venture with the Right Branding and Business Niche with Mallika Malhotra (Episode 127)

Patty Farmer podcast

When you stop speaking to everyone and start to identify your business niche, you will have a bigger chance to be known and accelerate brand growth. In this episode, award-winning brand strategist, mentor, and speaker for female entrepreneurs Mallika Malhotra discusses finding your unique niche and narrowing it down to create a tremendous breakthrough business. She also shares how to …

MMAM S2 E126 | Corporate Jobs

Master The Midlife & Mindset Shift From Corporate Employee To Confident Entrepreneur With Kathy Grassett (Episode 126)

Patty Farmer podcast

So many women are leaving their corporate jobs after over twenty years and packaging up their expertise to sell to the world on their own terms. While some of them seem to make this transition easily, many more find it difficult to suddenly navigate outside of the corporate bubble. They lose themselves along the way and no longer know who …

MMAM S7 E125 | Content Creation

Simplify Your Content With Sidedoor Stories With Jen Liddy (Episode 125)

Patty Farmer podcast

Putting your ideas into a single post or material takes a lot of effort in content creation. But that task can become so much easier if you have the right guide. Today, Jen Liddy shares the biggest terrifying leap she experienced in 2013 when she jumped into entrepreneurship and learned everything the hard way. As a content creation specialist, she discusses how …