Viveka von Rosen on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand, Network and Business with Viveka von Rosen (Episode 092)

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About Viveka: Viveka von Rosen is Cofounder and CVO (Chief Visibility Officer) of Vengreso. Known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”, she is author of the best-selling “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” and “LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand!” As a contributing “expert” to LinkedIn’s official Sales and Marketing blogs and their “Sophisticated Marketer’s” Guides, Viveka is often …

Colleen Biggs on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Stepping into the Spotlight with Colleen Biggs (Episode 091)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Colleen: Colleen Biggs is an award-winning Peak Performance Business Consultant with over 18 years of experience. She has launched over 340 businesses, is an International Speaker, #1 International Best-Seller Author, CEO of three businesses including Lead Up for Women, a community of thousands of female entrepreneurs that are driven by their passions, support and promote others with purpose to …

Dennis Hill on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Data Privacy & Ownership with Dennis Hill, President of EXACTA Corporation (Episode 090)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Dennis: Dennis Hill is a #1 bestselling business author, a pioneer in technology, higher education, human resources, and a serial entrepreneur, running or board member for 22 companies and organizations. He has many accomplishments, but prefers to talk about his current activities which focus on highly integrated CRM solutions for small and mid-size businesses and data privacy and ownership …

Lisa Pezik on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Make Your Membership Site Magnetic and Marketable with Lisa Pezik (Episode 089)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Lisa: Lisa Pezik is a Business Strategist, #1 International Amazon Best Selling Author, Thrive Global Author, Worldwide Speaker, and Former RN who who takes your business online with excellence. Her strategies and systems help customers connect and become clients, fast! She’s studied under the world’s best such as Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, and Roger Love, and audiences say Lisa …

Search, Social and Clubhouse with Elaine Lindsay (Episode 088)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Elaine: Elaine Lindsay pilots the SS Optimization on the digital seas as The Social Optimization Specialist & Speaker who works with savvy, small biz entrepreneurs 40+. An avid early adopter and lifelong learner she consistently analyses the trends and digs into the apps to provide the best use scenarios for integrating and optimizing search, social media, video, podcasts, audio …

Monetizing YouTube with Search Based Content with Sheryl Plouffe (Episode 087)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Sheryl: Sheryl Plouffe is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and former Canadian TV broadcaster. She has been seen by millions over the course of my twenty-five-year career in news media, has produced thousands of videos, and has broadcasted over 20,000 hours of live television. She lives and works in Ontario, Canada. Enjoy this podcast on your favorite listening platforms In …

Franchise Your Way to Financial Freedom with Meg Schmitz (Episode 086)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Meg: Meg Schmitz earned the nickname Franchise Guru from the Wall Street Journal, and is also a fashionista who loves working with the Free Agent mindset to help individuals become investors, disconnect Job from Security, and create abundance and financial diversity through business ownership. Meg educates future business owners about Essential Amazon-proof, Recession-Resistant franchise business models that are the …

Flip Your Lifestyle with a Recurring Revenue Membership with Shane & Jocelyn Sams (Episode 085)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Shane and Jocelyn: Shane and Jocelyn Sams are the founder of and host of the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast. They are former school teachers who had a negative experience at work, which turned into a catalyst for them starting their own business back in 2012 and becoming totally self employed in 2013. Shane and Jocelyn’s business mission is to …

Monetizing the Live Event Experience with Dylan Shinholser (Episode 084)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Dylan: Dylan Shinholser is a live event expert who has spent the last 5 years helping businesses and brands amplify their live experiences through high level strategies and out of the box thinking. From large scale music festivals to experiential brand activations to luxury masterminds, he has done it all. Enjoy this podcast on your favorite listening platforms In …

Empowering Your Voice (and Sales) with Stephanie Bonte-Lebair (Episode 083)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Stephanie: Stephanie Bonte-Lebair is a classically trained singer turned voice, presentation and sales coach. She’s an award-winning Trainer, creator of The Empowered Voice, Founder of Empowered Business Networking and author of “Stage Dreams the Musical” a one-woman show with 9 original songs. She helps service-based business professionals and sales teams know what to say and how to say it …