Using Tech to Build Trust with Tamara Burkett

Patty Farmer

Tamara Burkett is a CRM consultant, virtual meeting producer, author, speaker and entrepreneur. She fully believes in the power of personal connection to motivate, inspire, and educate. She helps companies squeeze every penny of profitability and service out of their current CRM. Her services include CRM selection, customization, CRM strategy, training, coaching, virtual training and logistics & social selling training.

Tamara knows that authentic relationships are the lifeblood of a thriving business. She also understands that nurturing those relationships in a meaningful way requires both a personal touch and the proper technology.

Through her consulting and training company, Tamara helps entrepreneurs and small business owners identify and onboard the system best suited to help them scale their business. Using the results of her signature 5-point personalized assessment Tamara’s clients are able to quickly automate their backend systems and start working on what matters.


Reach out to Tamara Burkett if you want to learn everything about CRM systems and which one can help you reach your business goals.

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