Beyond the “Ruff” Draft with Lisbeth Tanz (Episode 048)

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About Lisbeth:

Lisbeth Tanz, a nonfiction book ghostwriter, editor, and author coach works with coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs who have a transformational message. Lis’ passion is helping her clients see themselves through her eyes and encouraging them to reveal those authentic truths and compelling stories that will move, inspire, and enlighten their audiences.

Lis guides authors striving to make a positive difference in the world by taking them from idea to finished manuscript using her proven book-planning and writing framework. Many of her clients have reached #1 Best Selling on Amazon in their category as well as received prestigious book awards.

Lisbeth began her entrepreneurial career in 2005 when she launched The Hired Pen, a company focused on copywriting, article ghostwriting, social media, and blogging. In 2007, she completed her first book edit (all 1,000 pages!) and loved the entire experience.

As her business grew, Lis elected to shed other writing niches to focus only on books. She rebranded to Fuzzy Dog, LLC in 2017 to complete her book-only transition and to honor the memory of her dog, Katie, who’d seen her through the best and worst of times.

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Writing a book isn't just that singular function of sitting down, writing an outline and putting words down on paper. That is only one small piece. ~ Lisbeth Tanz Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:25 – Get to know Lisbeth Tanz
03:16 – Lisbeth’s entrepreneurial journey
09:55 – “The Author Alchemist”
16:40 – Common reasons why people write a book
20:26 – The book writing process
29:55 – “Listening between the lines”
32:30 – Content sleuthing
35:58 – The importance of a book proposal
39:21 – Self-editing for authors guide
44:03 – Connect with Lisbeth
44:30 – Lisbeth’s FREE gift for listeners
45:55 – #OpenMic

Check out and get in touch with Lisbeth Tanz if you’re ready to make a positive impact through the written word.

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FREEBIE: Self-Editing for Authors
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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

I believe that it’s essential for business owners to review and revise how they market, what media they use, and how they manage their money. It’s nice to be on autopilot, but you could be missing opportunities to grow your business, extend your reach, or save/make you money.

What that means for me is taking risks and marketing differently (like being a featured columnist in Marketing, Media & Money Magazine!) to reach different audiences. I stopped my podcast because it wasn’t unfolding as I’d envisioned and I wasn’t having fun. I need to plan out my strategy more and get back to it when I have the time to spend perfecting it.

Finally, something as simple as where you house your extra business money is worth considering. You could be missing out on a chance to earn a higher percentage on funds that you’re saving just by doing some research. I find online banks offer the best “bang for the buck”.

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