Jessica Stapleton on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

From Cancer to Cover Girl with Jessica Stapleton (Episode 019)

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Jessica Stapleton on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

About Jessica:

Jessica Stapleton is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, accountability coach, corporate wellness speaker and the founder of Jessica Lee Fitness. She works virtually with professionals, speakers, busy moms, and entrepreneurs who are struggling to find a way to make wellness sustainable in their hectic lives while at home or on the road and would like to lose weight, tone up, gain confidence and have more energy. She focuses on a practical and sustainable approach to healing your mind and transforming your entire life through movement, proper nutrition, and mental wellbeing.

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Just start somewhere. It doesn't have to be on Monday or at the beginning of the month. And if you shift your mindset into making small choices everyday, you're gonna get there. - Jessica Stapleton Share on X


01:25 – Jessica’s intro
– Jessica’s journey and Aha moment
– Developing a health mindset
– The number 1 health myth
– Jessica’s tip to start getting healthy
– Free health, fitness and nutrition resources
16:43 – Health journaling – does it work?
18:03 – Health and fitness planning
23:01 – On working with people with bigger health issues
24:14 – Nutrition coaching
26:43 – On customized workout
  – FB Group: Fuel and Fitness
31:01 – What do you love most about your business?
– What’s next for Jessica
– Connect with Jessica
 – #OpenMic


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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

Invest in yourself – it provides the absolute greatest ROI of any investment you can make in your business.

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