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Creating Compelling Short Copy with Karon Thackston (Episode 031)

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About Karon:

Teacher. Guide. Simplifier of the complex. Since 1999, Karon Thackston and the Marketing Words Copywriting Agency have been devoted to delivering high-value training that empowers online entrepreneurs to entice, engage & earn through blogging, copywriting, passive income, and more.

Need to master the art of snappy, short tidbits of copy for social media, headlines or calls to action? Or tackle the multifaceted task of Amazon A+ listings? Ready to free your finances and time by adding a bit of passive income? From blogging to bucks to online biz, count on Karon to break it down into easily understood steps.

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The benefits to whatever it is you're writing about are the key to everything else that deals with short copy. ~ Karon Thackston Click To Tweet


01:26 – Karon’s bio
02:56 – Short copy vs. other types of copy
09:14 – Writing successful short copy (for speakers)
14:25 – Short copy for a podcast guesting pitch
20:22 – Writing compelling landing page copy
29:12 – Writing compelling copy for social media
34:47 – Core strategy for creating compelling short copy
40:40 – Karon’s advice to newbie entrepreneurs
44:09 – Connect with Karon
44:30 – Karon’s freebie

Website: www.marketingwords.com

Check out Marketing Words and connect with Karon for Copywriting Services and Training that will help you Convert Better, Sell More and Build a Better Biz!

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All focus, no fluff. Do-it-yourself training for Amazon sellers ​& online business ​owners/marketers.

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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

Before you ever write a word of any type of copy, you would want to have a complete list of the benefits and end results for the user of whatever it is that you’re writing about. Those are gonna be plugged in so many times to different short copy segments i.e. headlines, email subject lines, CTAS, etc.

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