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Creating Content (not copy) That Dances with Sarah Schwab (Episode 074)

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About Sarah:

Sarah Schwab is the Founder and President of Content Creation Coach and the Author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling book “Content That Dances.” She is known for her expertise in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create a strategy and develop consistent, compelling content that builds connections and engagement, leading to growth.

Sarah works with clients one-on-one to develop website content, implement consistent email marketing, and build lead-generation tools. She has created hundreds of blog articles, produced videos, teleseminars, webinars, e-books, and more.

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I believe part of the power of content marketing is in the generosity. The goal is to give first and that's what attracts people to you and sets you up as the expert. ~ Sarah Schwab Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:57 – Get to know Sarah Schwab of Content Creation Coach
06:27 – Content or copy? Making the distinction
14:25 – The 3 different types of content: Catalyst, Nurturing and Money-Making
26:17 – Content that dances: Your content dance partners
34:39 – Sarah’s advice to get your content creation momentum
41:36 – Sarah’s content to copy ratio
44:41 – Connect with Sarah / Sarah’s gift to #M3Podcast listeners
46:28 – #OpenMic

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