Flip Your Lifestyle with a Recurring Revenue Membership with Shane & Jocelyn Sams (Episode 085)

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About Shane and Jocelyn:

Shane and Jocelyn Sams are the founder of FlippedLifestyle.com and host of the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast. They are former school teachers who had a negative experience at work, which turned into a catalyst for them starting their own business back in 2012 and becoming totally self employed in 2013.

Shane and Jocelyn’s business mission is to help family focused people start and grow successful online membership (recurring revenue) websites. They want to spread this message to as many people as possible so they can “flip their lives” and spend more time with their families.

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In This Episode:

01:42 – Get to know Shane and Jocelyn Sams of Flipped Lifestyle
04:31 – The journey to becoming online entrepreneurs
14:17 – Getting your spouse onboard with your business idea
27:19 – Common myths in membership revenue models
34:46 – Membership course samples from Flipped Lifestyle community members
39:21 – Connect with Shane and Jocelyn Sams
39:53 – Shane and Jocelyn’s Gift for #M3Podcast Listeners
40:27 – #OpenMic

WEBSITE: www.flippedlifestyle.com
Reach out to Shane and Jocelyn if you’re ready to build a successful online business using your God given talents and experiences so you can flip your life and create a better future.

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