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The Framework to Building a Lead Magnet Quiz with AnnMarie Rose (Episode 107)

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About AnnMarie:

AnnMarie Rose is an Online Brand Strategist who helps coaches, consultants and course creators elevate their offers, clarify their brand message and streamline/simplify their digital marketing so they can impact (and earn) millions online without overwhelm. She’s also the creator of Quizness: a 4-phase framework and training program that makes it easy for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to amplify their authority, engage ideal audience members and accelerate their business-building results using interactive quizzes and assessments a cornerstone of their brand experience.


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Who do I serve? What problem do I solve? If you can answer those two questions, you have enough clarity about the direction of your business to create a quiz that can move you forward. ~ AnnMarie Rose Share on X


In This Episode:

01:48 – Get to know AnnMarie Rose, creator of Quizness
03:18 – AnnMarie’s “Aha moment” in creating lead magnet quizzes
08:50 – AnnMarie’s definition of a lead magnet
11:37 – Big mistakes in lead magnet creation
13:53 – Is a quiz/assessment the right lead magnet for your business?
17:08 – 2 game-changing factors business owners forget when creating a quiz/assessment
21:47 – 4-step framework to create and launch your own quiz with ease
26:32 – How many questions should you ask in a quiz?
27:06 – AnnMarie’s recommended quiz platforms
28:33 – Connect with AnnMarie Rose
28:47 – #OpenMic
32:00 – AnnMarie’s FREE gift for #M3Podcast listeners


Reach out to AnnMarie Rose and get ready to amplify your message and elevate your business using strategies that are aligned to your needs.

FREE Gift: What’s Your Ideal Quiz Type?
Uncover the best type of quiz/assessment to create for your business in less than 2 minutes so you can stand out and engage more ideal audience members online!

Quizness-Recommended Quiz Platforms 
Explore 2 tried-and-tested quiz platforms, plus discounts and special offers to launch your high-impact quiz with ease.


What’s your #1 Marketing, Media & Money Strategy?

Offering something on the back end of a quiz/assessment that includes some level of direct support. This can still be leveraged, of course. For example, group office hours or even an online support community. But people are tired of working and trying to solve their own problems in isolation. When they know you’ll have their back, they’re more willing to invest.


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