Franchise Your Way to Financial Freedom with Meg Schmitz (Episode 086)

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About Meg:

Meg Schmitz earned the nickname Franchise Guru from the Wall Street Journal, and is also a fashionista who loves working with the Free Agent mindset to help individuals become investors, disconnect Job from Security, and create abundance and financial diversity through business ownership.

Meg educates future business owners about Essential Amazon-proof, Recession-Resistant franchise business models that are the PERFECT fit for THEM. Armed with 30 years in franchising, and also experienced as an entrepreneur and angel investor, she knows the business landscape and who will succeed in franchise ownership.

Meg’s goal is to help individuals and businesses find each other, creating the perfect match.

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For me, the greatest satisfaction is helping someone take the leap. ~ Meg Schmitz Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:48 – Get to know the Franchise Guru Meg Schmitz
03:11 – What is Franchising?
04:43 – Franchising pros
07:52 – How Meg Schmitz got into franchising
12:58 – Debunking the biggest franchising myths
14:16 – Benefits of owning a franchise
17:03 – What are the top industries for franchising?
20:22 – How COVID affected franchise businesses
22:21 – Working with Meg Schmitz/Educating and matching people with the right franchise business
32:53 – What’s your favorite part of running your business right now?
36:32 – What’s the biggest compliment a client gave you?
38:49 – Connect with Meg Schmitz
39:59 – Working with Meg Schmitz for FREE
41:15 – Meg’s Gift for #M3Podcast Listeners

Get in touch with Meg Schmitz if you’re ready to be the boss of your own franchise business and discover which industry is the perfect match for you.

Franchising Resources 

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