How to Become Google’s Preferred Choice in Your Niche with Elaine Lindsay (Episode 016)

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About Elaine:

Elaine Lindsay is a speaker, glammapreneur, digital diva and boomer biz advisor who aims for 1% better each day. As an early adopter and lifetime learner, for the last 18 plus years, Elaine has studied web design, search optimization (SEO), social media, and video to help client to integrate and optimize their online presence.

Elaine believes that everything you do can have a positive effect on your search results. Getting You Found = More Traffic = Increased Revenue for your business when you develop a great search and social media process that you can rinse and repeat!

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Online breadcrumbs take you and your clients back to your home base and when you lay out those breadcrumbs properly, then you're getting people to come to your real estate to see what you have. - Elaine Lindsay Click To Tweet


01:27 – Elaine’s intro
03:15 – Elaine’s entrepreneurial journey
06:13 – Let’s talk SEO
10:25 – SEO and Google My Business
14:44 – Google, SEO and your old info online
24:50 – Google+
30:37 – Elaine’s advice to brand new entrepreneurs
32:24 – YouTube
43:55 – Ask a CEO
46:20 – What do you love most about your business?
46:52 – Connect with Elaine
47:12 – Elaine’s Freebie
48:14 – #OpenMic


TROOL Social Media works with business professionals to utilize social media, video, podcasts and search to integrate and optimize your web presence

Podcast: BBPShow By Elaine Lindsay

Mini Digital Audit Checklist
Use this checklist to see where you are missing info, where you can solidify your foundations to better help your prospects, customers and the search bots too!

What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?
  • Know your boundaries in terms of your niche and stay within them to be most relevant for all.
  • Naming convention for files: Use dashes between words. Search engines don’t recognize spaces.
  • It’s critical to add alt+tags on files.
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