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The Importance of Being YOU with Dr. Natalie Forest (Episode 078)

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About Dr. Natalie:

Dr, Natalie Forest is an intuitive transformational mentor, on a mission to guide you back to YOU so you can know, love and embrace yourself. Why? So that you can LIVE Your Life YOUR way instead of existing in a world where you are unhappy and stressed.

Natalie is also the VP of Operations of The Los Angeles Tribune, where she works on creating an movement of collaboration and empowerment that is open to all and applicable to all.

She is, in more ways than one: a Revolutionary.

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You have to define what your success is. Once you know what you want and what your goal is, things start happening. ~ Dr. Natalie Forest Share on X

In This Episode:

01:47 – Get to know Dr. Natalie Forest
04:19 – Dr. Natalie’s story, entrepreneurial journey and mission
15:24 – The importance of being YOU
20:23 – Define your success
24:54 – The biggest obstacle that Dr. Natalie had to overcome
28:20 – The Los Angeles Tribune: The Quantum Leap Forum
34:04 – Dr. Natalie’s gift for #M3Podcast listeners: Journaling to BREAK FREE of Negative Patterns
34:57 – Connect with Dr. Natalie Forest
35:19 – #OpenMic

WEBSITE: www.natalieforest.com
You are here to live an authentic and vibrant life! Reach out to Dr. Natalie Forest if you’re ready to take that ONE step to freedom so you can embrace your full potential.

GIFT: Journaling to BREAK FREE of Negative Patterns
Identify and break free from the patterns that are keeping you from experiencing success and happiness.

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