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Know Your Power with Veronica Crystal Young (Episode 026)

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About Veronica:

Veronica Crystal Young has over 30 years experience as an efficiency expert and healthcare manager. She is also an award-winning speaker, producer, actress, and author.

You may have seen her on episodes of the Golden Girls with Betty White; starring on stage in Broadway Classic Musicals like Sound of Music, South Pacific, and Annie Get your Gun or singing with the Country Band “Crystal Whiskey”.

As CEO of Hollywood-based Crystal Eyes Enterprises, she has produced TV series pilots and commercials, including the Nature Series “TV Art Scapes.”

Her speaking credits include the Harvard Club of Boston, NASDAQ and, recently, Carnegie Hall to name a few. Her new book “The Other Side of Pain” is a guidebook for reclaiming hope and happiness by releasing an abusive or traumatic past.

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01:35 – Veronica’s bio
03:07 – Veronica’s Aha moment
09:28 – Vulnerability and holding on to your power
22:32 – What’s your “Why”?
24:31 – Your advice to your old self
27:29 – On overcoming roadblocks and fears
30:12 – Critical courage
32:31 – Connect with Veronica
33:06 – #OpenMic


Connect with Veronica and discover your power — the power to follow your passions and to be who you really are — no apology, no guilt and no excuses! Grab her FREE Checklist — find out if you are letting the past rule your decisions and steal your personal power and confidence.

Veronica’s Book: The Other Side of Pain

Take control of your emotions, release the need for validation and be aware of toxic relationship that limit your success and happiness. The Other Side of Pain is a guidebook to release the hold of the past on how you show up today. Read a FREE Chapter of The Other Side of Pain

TV Art Scapes – Watch beautiful Nature on your TV!

Crystal Whiskey – Performing the Sounds of Country

What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?
  • Take time to recharge with your personal passions.
  • Pay attention to your intuition.
  • Own that you are the driver of your destiny.
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