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Level Up Your List, Leads and Links with Jennie Wright (Episode 027)

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About Jennie:

Jennie Wright is a List Building & Lead Generation Expert who craves results for her clients. She’s the creator of List Build Academy and a weekly show called List Build & Lead. She is the Queen of List Building and Lead Generation.

Her clients routinely see 45-75% opt in rates on landing pages and she’s generated anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 income for the host using her List Build plans.

Jennie’s done nearly 250 online summits, 40 digital challenges, 100+ webinars … and more happening every single week with her “List Build 2.0” System. She’s grown and run 3 successful Facebook groups and used them to generate thousands of leads for herself and her clients. She uses her own system to grow her list by THOUSANDS using only 100% ORGANIC traffic.

Jennie passionately believes in authentic list building and marketing, but is even more passionate about authentic marketing that drives real results.

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Newbie entrepreneurs have a bit of a mind screwup where they think they need to serve everybody. Get clarity on your messaging and who you want to serve. ~ Jennie Wright Click To Tweet


01:33 – Jennie’s bio
02:45 – Becoming a list building and lead gen expert
04:32 – List size vs list engagement
05:55 – List vetting strategy
08:51 – On making subscribers stay
10:38 – Dead list
14:28 – Open rates and click-throughs
23:04 – Jennie’s advice to entrepreneurs with zero List
25:36 – List building using Facebook groups
23:04 – Jennie’s favorite summits, webinars and challenges
33:30 – Jennie’s thoughts on a specific webinar style
42:11 – Are you ready to do online summits?
46:35 – Let’s talk about segmentation
49:43 – Connect with Jennie
50:07 – Jennie’s Gift
51:22 – #OpenMic


Connect with Jennie if you’re ready to grow your business authentically and get more clients consistently and predictably.

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  1. I adored collaborating with you Patty to do this episode. Honestly you’re one of the most organized hosts and you do such a great job with your podcast. You ask the best questions and you’re so thoughtful.

    Thanks for having me on ❤️

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