Monetizing the Live Event Experience with Dylan Shinholser (Episode 084)

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About Dylan:

Dylan Shinholser is a live event expert who has spent the last 5 years helping businesses and brands amplify their live experiences through high level strategies and out of the box thinking. From large scale music festivals to experiential brand activations to luxury masterminds, he has done it all.

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Now, virtual and hybrid events are more accepted. The technology is there. So, brands and businesses and can leverage both. And I think that's where the future's gonna be. ~ Dylan Shinholser Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:43 – Get to know Dylan Shinholser of ViewStub & Experience Events
03:27 – Dylan Shinholser’s journey of becoming a live event expert
09:34 – The exciting side of creating events – providing value and and earning money
13:20 – Event attendee mindset that needs to change and the serendipity in live events
16:25 – What is a hybrid event?
19:38 – Are hybrid events paving the transition back to live events? / Dylan’s hope for the future of hybrid events
25:32 – Turning events into experiences
34:39 – Revenue streams any event can use
39:30 – 3 mistakes people make in creating and running events
43:10 – Dylan’s advice for creating unforgettable events
51:43 – Connect with Dylan Shinholser
52:37 – #OpenMic

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