MMAM 129 | Money Manifestation

Money, Manifestation, and Mindset with Abi Rogers (Episode 129)

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When we become successful it does not happen overnight, but there is a formula to create your dream life. Money, Manifestation, and Mindset - the science behind creating everything you want. Abi Rogers, a Hypnotherapist, explains how you can create your dream life through money, manifestation, and mindset. We'll explore why manifestation isn't just woo. We will also look at the psychology and neuroscience behind wealth creation and help listeners make simple, practical changes in their lives to bring more of what they want right into their lives. Are you interested in creating and experiencing abundance? Tune in to this episode now!

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About Abi Rogers

MMAM 129 | Money ManifestationAbi Rogers is a hypnotherapist, coach and business mentor who helps fiercely ambitious visionary women go from stressed, anxious, and underpaid to owning their worth, building their wealth and embracing life to the fullest! A former multi-6-figure business owner with 15 years’ business experience, Abi embraced her own pure passion in 2017 - helping others create more success, less stress and a joyful life on their terms. She is the founder & host of the ‘Unblock Your Business’ podcast, and works with clients internationally, helping them master their mindset, grow a soul aligned business and create limitless wealth and abundance. On a personal note…Abi lives in beautiful Bristol, UK with her husband and family. She loves to climb, eat, escape to the mountains or coast with her beloved camera and sings everything from Old Macdonald to opera.

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Money, Manifestation, And Mindset With Abi Rogers

I’m looking forward to sharing an industry expert with you. I’m excited to have Abi Rogers here with us. She’s here coming all the way from Bristol, UK. That’s exciting for us. We’re going to be talking about money, manifestation and mindset because that’s important. I love those three Ms together. We all know how I love marketing, media and money. Here are three more Ms for you. Let me tell you a little bit about our guest and why you may want to read. Make sure you have a pen and paper so you can take some notes.

Abi Rogers is a hypnotherapist, coach and business mentor who helps fiercely ambitious visionary women go from being stressed, anxious, and underpaid to owning their worth, building their wealth, and embracing life to the fullest. She’s a former multi-six-figure business owner with many years of business experience. Abi embraced her own pure passion in 2017, helping others create more success, less stress, and a joyful life on their terms.

She is the Founder and host of the Unblock Your Business podcast and works with clients internationally, helping them master their mindset, grow a soul-aligned business and create limitless wealth and abundance. On a personal note, she lives in beautiful Bristol, UK with her husband and family. She loves to climb, eat, escape to the mountains or coast with her beloved camera and sings everything from Old McDonald’s to opera.


Abi, thank you so much for being here with me.

Thank you for having me. It’s good to be here.

I promise I’m not going to ask you to sing, but it is tempting. We talked in your introduction about what changed for you in 2017. I truly believe that once we are working on our passion and purpose, we didn’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden we knew exactly what that was going to be. There was some shift that happened for us or some a-ha moment that happened to make that shift. Would you be willing to share with us a little bit of what your shift was that made it where you are and who you are serving? It is much your passion and purpose that we want to hear all about, but I want to know the story first.

In 2015, I was running my former business, which was an optometry practice. I was a qualified registered optometrist in the UK. I was coping very well. I thought I was fine doing all the things and spinning all the plates. The money was coming into the business so tt was all going well. I didn’t realize that underneath everything I was doing, I was phenomenally stressed, anxious and working hard to make it all happen. I had major confidence issues as well. I found it hard dealing with my business partner and with the other members of staff in the business. On the outside, everything was good. I was successful as a six-figure business owner then.

Underneath, I was paddling frantically. The legs were going under the surface of the water. I was incredibly stressed out. I didn’t realize it at that time, but I’d also decided alongside that to train as a singer. Hence, the random reference to Old McDonald’s and opera. I discovered that I was quite good at singing. I wanted to train to do that professionally, which I hoped it gets me a little bit away from the other business. I found that I had this awful stage fright. I decided to do something about that.

I went along to have some hypnotherapy as you do, because I thought, “I don’t know what to do with this. I want to pursue this thing that I love doing.” I find that every time I get up on stage in front of anybody else, even in my singing coaching sessions, I’m falling apart and not singing as well as I could do, “Let’s try this hypnotherapy thing. Who knows it might help.” I was highly skeptical. I thought, “This is the last chance here. We’re going to give it a go, but I’m not invested in it working.”

A few weeks later, I found that much in my life changed. It wasn’t the stage fright, but all of a sudden, I felt much clearer. I could focus in a way that hadn’t for forever. My confidence grew tremendously and I was able to deal with situations I’ve not been dealing with before in my business. I was able to get some perspective, take a step back and see how anxious and overwhelmed I’ve been by the whole thing. It was a huge game-changing moment for me.

Before that, I’d been noticing that my health wasn’t good. I was getting these random illnesses and going to the doctors, the GP surgery and they were saying, “There’s nothing wrong with you.” I was feeling exhausted and unwell all the time. That disappeared. That was burnout creeping in without me having realized it. As you can imagine, that was a bit of a revelation. I thought, “This has been life-changing for me.” Over the course of the next couple of years, I slowly started backing away from working hard in that business and started to put things in place to get myself slowly out of there.

I was fascinated by hypnotherapy and how that worked. I decided to enroll in the training course. Lo and behold, I discovered all this neuroscience and psychology behind it. It was fascinating. I’ve not been able to put it down since. I was like, “This is what I need to do with my life because I’m helping people on that course. I’m watching their lives starting to change as a result of the work we were doing together.” It was incredible for me. That was like, “This is what I need to be doing now with the rest of my life.” Hopefully, that sums it up.

That’s interesting because that happens to a lot of people. We have a job. We think this is what we’re supposed to do. Even if we decide to have a business, we think what were the reasons why we got into business? Maybe it’s time for freedom or whatever the reason why people get into business. Just being a business owner itself is not a destination. It doesn’t mean that that is a thing that is going to fulfill us. I resonated with your story because that’s how I felt about speaking. I didn’t want to be a speaker. It was the next step in my business when I made the decision to become a speaker for eighteen months. I got physically ill every time before I got on the stage.

I was already making multiple six figures from speaking and still getting sick. I couldn’t figure out why am I still getting sick. I ended up going and finding a coach and saying, “What is it about this?” For me, it was coming to the conclusion that I was trying to change myself to be what I felt people thought I should be. I wear a soap opera dress, make three points, take a pregnant pause, etc. What I learned was it was speaking in front of people who needed to hear it the way I spoke it. It was a game-changer for me both professionally, personally, health-wise and all the way around.

What’s super funny about that is that was many years ago. If somebody would’ve told me many years ago while I was getting sick as a dog and would’ve said, “Five years from now, that is going to be who your clients are. That’s who you’re going to help. Ninety percent of your clients are going to be speakers or want to be speakers and you’re going to help people to speak and monetize their speaking.” I would’ve laughed so hard. I would not have ever believed that.

A lot of times, we’re led to where we’re supposed to serve and whether it affects us in our own life or business first, or in somebody we know, love, care about or whatever. The fact of the matter is how we get to where we are when it all comes together for us is always like a story in itself. It is why I always love to ask my guests to share that story because I know there’s somebody out there in the audience that whether it’s exactly your story, my story or theirs is a little bit different, my guess would be probably 80% of the people reading this show, where they are now is not where they started. It may not even be where they land. It’s always like this whole journey.

MMAM 129 | Money Manifestation

Money Manifestation: Where 80% of the people listening to this podcast are now is not where they started.


I love that part of you getting to that is now you helping other women. I love fiercely ambitious visionary women. That’s a very specific niche. What is it about fiercely ambitious visionary women that makes you know where you want to be? Was it that right from the beginning or was that evolution as well?

From the beginning, I think it was always there, but I didn’t realize it was there. As you and your readers know, your niche is something that gradually evolves and finds you as you go through the process of working with various people. You are then reflecting back on who took those boxes for you and made you light up and think, “This is the work I’m supposed to be doing.” For me, the fiercely ambitious comes from I’ve always had this deep desire myself to keep learning, evolving and being the best I can be in my lifetime. I resonate with other women that feel that way. Before doing this work and getting to where I am now, it was all squashed under this blanket of anxiety and lack of confidence.

I had this deep burning passion to want to do more in life, but I couldn’t do a lot of what I wanted to do because I didn’t have the confidence to do the speaking or put myself out there visibility-wise and things like that. It’s like a pressure cookie of wanting to be more and do more, but your physiological makeup in your brain is getting in the way and saying, “No, this isn’t for you right now.”

I know that there are lots of women and people out there who know that they are destined for all, but they’re getting in their own way. They’re frustrated with themselves for getting in their own way. They’re like, “If I could get past this thing and do that, then I would be able to do so much more in the world.” Our subconscious mind and the effects of that on our body as you’ve experienced can be powerful and overwhelming. It keeps us stuck.

A lot of that is we get caught in the turmoil of not knowing. We’re not sure what we want. We have a foot here and there. We think this. We look at what other people are we’re doing and we’re like, “They’re pretty successful. Maybe I’d be interested in that.” I love that we’re going to be talking about manifesting because I know once I got clear on that, it was much easier to manifest. I remember a particular time when my husband and I were living in Albuquerque. We had decided to move and my husband was like, “I can’t figure out why I can’t find what it is that I want to do or where we should move or what we should do.”

I said to him, “I think it’s because you aren’t committed to it yet. Once you commit to it and you know, it’ll be easier to manifest that.” I worked with him a little bit. He made that decision and literally a week after that, there it was. Manifesting is very important. When I first learned about manifesting, I thought it was woo-woo and it wasn’t, at that time, my thing. I remember I would say things like, “Everybody here is negative.” I will say things like, “We need to shift the energy of the room.” I would’ve never said that a couple of years ago. That would not have been a phrase I would’ve said.

I use it a lot in my speaking business in the sense of, for example, I told my husband that I wanted to spend more time in Italy. Every day, I did this visualization and all this stuff about how I was going to manifest Italy and speaking in Italy. Since then, I’ve been booked five times to speak in Italy. Now, I’m manifesting Greece. I haven’t got it yet, but I want to speak in Greece. It is important to understand that there are methodologies or some skillsets around that. That is not mine.

I practice it because it works for me, but I know this is something about manifesting that you do know about. Can you share a little bit about that? People either embrace it and love it, in which case they don’t think it’s woo or they don’t know anything about it and they don’t trust it or understand it so they do think it’s woo. Honestly, let’s address that and talk about, is it woo or isn’t and what is it.

I was highly skeptical and anti-manifesting almost in my earlier days in this work and I feel awful saying that. I was a scientific background by training and everything I learned in my hypnotherapy training as well, which a lot of people also view that as being fairly wooed. I knew from the training I’d done that was based on sound neuroscience and psychology, and there were studies to back up absolutely everything we were doing.

I started in the online space coming across manifesting a lot more and seeing people talking about it all the time. There seemed to be a lot of people out there saying, “I’m manifesting my next $10,000 a month,” or whatever it might be. I was looking at it and going, “I’m not too sure about that.” I think it’s always good to have an open mind and not be closed off to things and say that it’s not possible or we’re never going to go there.

I started to do some more reading around it and realize that everything I knew about the brain and how it worked dovetailed beautifully with the real sound methodology behind manifesting once you get into it. A lot of people have a bit of an idea around manifesting of saying it to the universe, putting it out there whatever you want, thinking about it enough and magically, it’ll manifest. I think there’s much more to it than that. The message that doesn’t often get across is it’s not this, “Rub your crystal ball and hope it comes through.”

It’s being in the right place when you are setting those intentions. Giving your brain a clear message about what it is that you want and being super specific about that because there are parts of our brain that literally use that as it’s like the satin nav. You’re programming in the destination for the satin nav and then your brain can work out the rest of the route to get there. You stick it in there and you wait for it to materialize, but also you have to take action and be intentional about taking the right actions and spotting opportunities as they come up and following those. You can’t just sit there and have things land in your lap. It is about backing it up with action.

Looking back on that whole journey of understanding it, it’s absolutely a thing. There’s a strong science behind it. We know exactly why it works. I used to see them as very distinct. It’s either science. Now I think the two are absolutely one and the same. We don’t talk about them in the same way or they’re not often brought together in the right way, but they do totally align. It’ll all makes absolute sense when you start digging into it.

When I first heard about manifesting, I asked the question, “What exactly is that?” I distinctly remember the answer I heard. They said, “It’s like when you buy a blue Honda, all of a sudden, you see one million blue Hondas on the road like you see them now.” I was like, “I have seen that to be true on different things that I think about. All of a sudden, I see them everywhere.” It’s pretty realistic to believe that our mind thinks like God knows how many thoughts in a day. It makes them stand out more than others. What makes some of them become opportunities? Is it that you’re aware of them now or you’re being intentional about what you do?

Literally, the moment I made the decision to manifest what I wanted to be more intentional in everything that I do and specifically in the topic that I wanted you to share with everyone is as it has to do with wealth creation. It is important. We could manifest a lot of things, “I’m trying to do this and I want to manifest the tool that’s going to help me with that,” like how intentional it could have been right in front of you every single day. You weren’t looking for it then.

There is some neuroscience involved there. Some psychology is there manifesting. All of those things come together. I could talk about what I believe and what I feel, but I wouldn’t have had you on the show then. I believe that this is your field so let’s talk about it as it applies to wealth creation. Let’s explore how manifesting works with your brain using brain technology. How it all works together to help you to create wealth?

As we are having a very clear intention and specific goal, suddenly it changes the filter that your brain is looking through if you like. All of a sudden, you’re looking at everything through a different lens, even from things as simple as the ideas you come up with. If you set your goal at $10,000 a month, your brain is going to generate very different ideas if you set your goal.

MMAM 129 | Money Manifestation

Money Manifestation: Having a clear intention and specific goal changes the filter that your brain is looking through. So suddenly, you're looking at everything through a different lens.


Let’s say, $100,000 a month. Because you’ve expanded the possibilities and you are looking to create a completely different level, your brain opens up to, “How can we get there? What different opportunities are available to me? What else can I bring into my world? How can I think about things differently?” This isn’t your conscious thoughts necessarily much as what’s going on subconsciously in the background. As we said, “Put the instructions in the satin nav and your brain is figuring out the root in the background.”

All of a sudden, there you are in the shower or out for a drive and this idea flashes into your mind. It’s going to be aligned with whatever you’ve set as that intention in the first place. The trouble comes in a few ways. Firstly, sometimes we’re very good at saying to ourselves, “I’d love to create that, but I don’t believe I can create that.”

That belief is crucial. We have to almost be able to see ourselves there and to believe it’s happened already or certainly to believe it is possible for us because if we don’t, then our subconscious is resisting and fighting against it the whole time. It’s going, “This is the current reality and this is where you’re at. Thanks very much. Here are the ideas that match up with your current reality,” rather than leaning into that potential future that you want to create or limiting beliefs. You’ve probably come across that phrase no end.

They can also trip us up, get us in the way and create more of that resistance and of that lack of belief that we can create that future for ourselves. The other thing that can get in the way is our general anxiety levels. Often, people have this fixed goal. They almost become anxious about making it happen. They believe it can happen. They see it happening for other people. They’re doing all the right things. They’re working hard to try and create it, and it almost becomes a negative focus. We’re almost chasing it too hard, looking at our world and going, “Why hasn’t it happened yet? What else do I need to do?”

That becomes stressful in itself and they’re overwhelmed by that.

Our brain then is seeing the fact that this thing hasn’t happened yet and focuses on that rather than just having this goal and allowing it to be there. Sometimes we can put far too much pressure on it and on things to happen within a certain timeline, but I 100% guarantee that if you have a goal and you keep following the actions that keep coming up, eventually, you are going to get there. It requires perseverance, resilience and all those other useful traits that keep us on track, not giving up and believing it is going to happen. The more we can relax and let it go, the faster that often happens. Like with your intention setting around getting to Italy, it’s all of a sudden the opportunities there. That’s great.

Could you give us a few simple practical changes that we can make that would help us to attract more of what we want?

The first one sounds completely miles away from manifestation but making sure you’re getting good sleep, weirdly enough, because sleep is incredible for helping us to process emotions, stress, anxiety and keep all that stuff out of the equation. It is allowing you to access your most creative, highest most beneficial thoughts. If you can be rested and well looked after and you’re getting a good night’s sleep, then your brain is going to be much more able to create the thoughts and the insights it needs to and spot things in your world rather than you being in this sleep deprived lethargic place where you’re like a zombie through life every day.

Good sleep would be number one on my agenda, which is probably not something you hear often around manifesting, but it makes a heck of a difference. Things like movement, self-care and anything else that helps to reduce those anxiety levels keep you in a good place mentally. One major thing as well for me that started to shift the needle was practicing gratitude and noticing the things that we already have in life. Also, being grateful for those because that keeps us out of that negative place where we’re feeling there’s a lack all the time.

Life is not going to be any good until I’ve got the thing that I’m pursuing. It keeps us away from that. It helps our brain when we’re feeling grateful for the abundance and everything we already have in the world. It generates lots of happy chemicals that help us generate better thoughts, more useful thoughts, and have a positive association with wanting more good things. Our brain is like, “I want more of this stuff. How can I get the next hit? How can I up the level even further?” it’s going to help us get there more quickly.

I feel like I like what you’re saying because a lot of times, it’s setting up the situation. There are a lot of things that we do in life like maybe we want to lose weight so we start thinking you go to the grocery store and buy healthy food. You know that you’re going to want to drink more water. You start thinking about some exercise. You don’t sit there and think, “I want to lose weight. I’m not going to make any changes. I’m not going to do anything. I’m not going to be intentional about it and I think it’s going to happen.” That’s unrealistic.

Making some small changes that basically will give our brain and be able to help us to manifest it quickly or at least quicker by putting certain things into place that help it along a little bit. Being intentional about that. That is important in pretty much everything we do, no matter what we are thinking about doing. I’m intentional about everything that I do and I’ve learned that early on to do that.

When you’re thinking about wealth creation, would you say that being very specific, like you said, “When am I going to have the next $10,000 a month versus $100,000 a year or whatever the case may be?” Getting clear on exactly what it is that you want and then being intentional about when the opportunity arises like, “What am I willing to do to take action,” because now you want to be prepared.

If I am going to set the intention and manifest that I want to go to Greece, obviously, one of the things I may want to do is to make sure that my passport is up to date, which of course it is. Think about what would the thing. If that opportunity arose, do I have my ducks lined up in a row? Setting the attention and putting the manifesting out there, but also being clear that this isn’t magic. It’s not like somebody is going to knock on your door and say, “I would love you to come to Greece. Would you like to sign here and we’re going to book you?”

There are things that I need to do as well. When you’re thinking about wealth creation, is it that you need to be clear about the number, but should we also, for my audience, how deep in the intention do they need to go? In other words, does it need to be like, “I want to have $10,000 a month?” “Do you want to just have one $10,000 a month or consistently? If you do have $10,000 a month, what actions would you need to put into place to sustain that?”

If my audience is thinking, “That sounds good.” In a minute, I’m going to give them away to connect with you and continue the conversation, but before we go there, are there a couple of questions they should ask themselves or what should they be thinking about, because the reality is you have to be willing to do the work too. Are there a couple of questions or some thoughts that maybe they should be thinking as they prepare?

Two things that are brought to mind here. The first one is the number is important, but what’s more important is the emotion and connection behind it. What would that $100,000 mean to you if you want that as a monthly income figure on an ongoing basis? “Rather than the number, how does that change my life? How would it feel and what difference would it make in my world to be at that point because that is far more powerful than any number or figure could ever be?” That emotional attachment to it is what drives the change in our brain and the will to want to do things to get there. That’s important to explore that and look at the many whys behind it.

MMAM 129 | Money Manifestation

Money Manifestation: The number's important, but what's more important is the emotion behind it, the connection behind it. So what would that a hundred K mean to you?


You have to set yourself up for success in whatever that is. It is the emotional thought about why do you want it. Is it that if you were going to say $10,000 a month consistently, does that mean you wouldn’t have to work on Fridays, take work home on the weekends or every day you could stop work at 4:00 so you could go pick your own children up from school and take them to extracurricular activities that you now can afford to pay for? It’s the thing, but it does take $10,000 a month to pay for those things.

It’s easier to get excited about that too. To me, $10,000 a month in itself saying those words mean nothing to me. What is the $10,000 month represent to me and what it represents to me versus you versus everybody in my audience? We may all have a very different, and probably do have a very different version of what a $10,000 a month increase on what we’re already making would do for us.

It’s a case of keeping going with that why until you get to a real deep why that matters to you. The second thing is asking yourself, “Who do I need to be to create that level of wealth?” We touched on this in terms of having your ducks in a row, being prepared and doing all the right things, but it’s asking yourself like, “How else do I need to change? What else do I need to do in my life to support me being that person? Are there actions I need to take right now that are going to make it much easier for me and are going to start to bring opportunities?”

Exploring for yourself, “When I get to that level of wealth, what do I imagine myself doing? What are the other things I would want to be doing?” For example, if you are a business owner and at that level of wealth, you might want to start investing maybe in property, stocks or whatever it might be, but you are currently terrified of anything to do with investing, then there’s going to be quite a lot of resistance there.

If you can put yourself in the shoes of that person who has achieved what you want to achieve and say, “What would that person be feeling around these things? What would they be doing? They would’ve sorted all this out, wouldn’t they? They’d be feeling completely confident around investing?” You then start to take action to move in that direction again. You maybe starting to research good investment strategies that would support you.

MMAM 129 | Money Manifestation

Money Manifestation: Start to take action to move in that direction toward success.


You’re partnering with your manifesting. You’re saying to yourself, “While I’m waiting for the manifesting to happen, I know when it does, these are some things I’m going to need to do to get my head straight, change some behaviors or some beliefs that I may have. I’m going to work on those so I am ready when it shows up and believing that it will.” I like that you have given us some explanations and thoughts behind it, setting an intention with it and why there is a psychology behind it so that we feel much better about embracing it for those that may not. I hope we have answered some of those questions for somebody that hasn’t, has more questions or wants to connect with you. I am sure there are many that will. How can people connect with you?

The best way is probably through my website, you can also find it through It goes straight to the same site. If that’s easier to remember, jump on there. There are some free downloads, bits and volts on there as well. I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can find me there as well and the podcast, Unblock Your Business.

You also brought a gift, which I love when people bring gifts. Tell us a little bit about the gift.

This gift is the 10 Steps To Consciously Creating Your Dream Life. We explored things that you can do to support yourself and start to get your mindset in a better place for manifesting this is a ten-step process I’ve designed based on my conscious creation formula for creating whatever you want in life that walks you through all of the actions that you can take in your life to start moving you to that place where your mind is more naturally aligned with manifesting and creating what you want. Go check it out.

We love to wind up the show by asking our guests our version of an open mic to answer one final question. What is your number one marketing media or money strategy?

I would have to base it around what we’ve been talking about. For me, it’s to constantly keep challenging your own expectations and the limitations you believe you have around what’s possible for you and your capabilities in the world. Back in the days of the earlier business and when life was awfully stressful, I was effectively scared of money, handling it and things. I used to tell myself all stories like, “I don’t understand money. I’m no good with figures. I’m going to delegate it to somebody else. I’m going to give away my responsibility and power to other people who know more about this than me.”

In the end, that didn’t work out well. We don’t have regrets, but if I could have done things differently, I would’ve taken control of my thoughts and beliefs around money at that time and challenged myself to make friends with it, feel less scared of it and take responsibility for it back then. We often tell ourselves that we can’t we’ve grown up with lots of beliefs around what’s possible for us or we are no good at something. If we’re not a figures person or a money person, challenge those because we can all become figures and money people. We can all take responsibility for our money and get to a much better place with it. It’s not allowing that voice to get in the way and tell who you could become.

Thank you so much for being here with me. I love this conversation. I think that it is going to challenge a few people to maybe think a little differently to expand their minds and be open a little bit to maybe redefining what woo means to them. I appreciate you being here with me.

Thank you so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure. It’s lovely to chat with you. Thank you.

To my audience, thank you so much for being here. I hope you took lots of notes and that you’re going to realize that. Let’s make sure that you connect with Abi. Besides that gift, she has fabulous freebies and there are all kinds of things for you to take advantage of there. Plan on spending a minute or two there. I’m sure that it will be a blessing for you.

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