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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Jen Coken (Episode 104)

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About Jen:

Jen Coken doesn’t deliver a talk, she delivers an experience. As a speaker, Imposter Syndrome expert, comedian, author, and international executive coach, Jen is on a global mission to empower C-Suite Level women and their teams to have the audacity to be themselves — to lead without limits. How does she shatter the limiting beliefs that reside within every high-achiever? By helping them eradicate Imposter Syndrome with a powerful combination of story and strategy. Her standout speeches are packed with humor, information, and actionable steps leaders can implement immediately to step into their highest leadership level and thrive.


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Imposter syndrome rears its ugly head when we're stretched. That is a good thing. Embrace it. ~ Jen Coken Share on X

In This Episode:

01:44 – Get to know Jen Coken
02:59 – Imposter syndrome as defined by the expert
09:04 – 5 Archetypes of imposter syndrome
18:16 – The “originating incident” in imposter syndrome
26:07 – We all say “Thank you, but…” and we need to stop
28:55 – Unlocking the “originating incident”
38:09 – Jen’s FREE gift for #M3Podcast listeners
39:13 – Connect with Jen Coken
39:22 – #OpenMic



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