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Pinterest Tribes, Keywords, & Metrics with Joanne Wetzel (Episode 045)

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About Joanne:

Joanne Wetzel is the Pinterest marketer and manager behind Digitally Joanne. Her company helps brands and bloggers harness the SEO power of Pinterest to grow more digitally visible, profitable businesses. Whether you’re looking for full Pinterest management, Pinterest profile optimization, or to book a Pinterest Strategy consultation, Digitally Joanne has multiple offers to suit your unique business needs. In everything she does, Joanne works to make business easier online for business owners while empowering them through building community and genuine connection.

When she’s not busy building a legacy, you can find Joanne hanging out with her two rescue pups, mastering her yoga mat, or traveling around with her husband to somewhere new.

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In This Episode:

01:38 – Get to know Joanne Wetzel
02:48 – Joanne’s Aha moment
04:26 – The potential of Pinterest
09:06 – Shifting mindset: Pinterest as a business strategy
10:56 – Optimizing Pinterest
15:22 – About using keywords
18:43 – Should you use hashtags on Pinterest pin titles?
22:00 – On choosing boards to follow
27:06 – Joanne’s thoughts on inviting people to pin on your board
30:21 – On boards, group boards and tribes
32:08 – Tailwind for Pinterest
33:14 – Joanne’s recommended Pinterest tools and resources
36:19 – Pinterest metrics
38:29 – How important is your number of followers?
40:15 – Joanne’s advice to entrepreneurs new to Pinterest
43:06 – Connect with Joanne
43:20 – Joanne’s FREE gift for listeners
43:59 – #OpenMic

Check out and get in touch with Joanne Wetzel if you want to boost your business visibility and profit by harnessing the power of Pinterest.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Tailwind – Powerful scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram

Planoly – Visually plan, schedule and manage your Instagram posts

Canva – One of the most popular and FREE online graphic design platforms

Simple Pin Media – Marketing Agency for Pinterest related services

What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

I have found with growing my email list in my own business that people are really attracted to free video education. When I shifted from offering downloadable guides or documents to shifting to offering free trainings and workshops, my e-mail opt-ins doubled by fifty percent! In other words, people don’t want to sit and read; they want tangible, actionable, and high-quality education before handing over their email!

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