The Psychology of Social Selling with Alice O’Mahoney (Episode 079)

Patty Farmer podcast

About Alice:

Alice O’Mahoney has led multi-million dollar product launches for high profile organizations including Lucent Technologies and Siemens.

Alice traded the corporate life for expat life in Switzerland, where she raised her two daughters through their early childhood years before returning to the US in 2011.

Today, Alice utilizes a proprietary process with her clients to establish a brand profile. This detailed brand profile is incorporated into an effective, measurable social media strategy.

Alice is a proud panel member of Resonate to Revenue, a panel consisting of marketing industry leaders that guides business owners on how to establish brand credibility for business growth.


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Speak to the emotion and qualify that emotion. You'll build a solid connection that is on the road to growth. ~ Alice O'Mahoney Click To Tweet


In This Episode:

01:59 – Get to know Alice O’Mahoney
03:27 – Alice’s entrepreneurial journey
07:31 – The psychology of selling: Speak to the emotion
10:12 – How to use voice in social selling
11:34 – Scale up the mental game to gain loyal followers
13:34 – Revamp your social media profiles
18:01 – Understand your customer decision triggers
23:36 – Social selling tips and strategies
30:19 – Industries where social selling makes the biggest impact
35:16 – Alice’s gift for #M3Podcast listeners
36:11 – Connect with Alice O’Mahoney
36:22 – #OpenMic


Get in touch with Alice O’Mahoney’s team if you feel overwhelmed with marketing and need solid assistance to get your promotions off the ground.

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What’s your #1 Marketing, Media & Money Strategy?

To talk to your clients on a quarterly basis to stay on top of their challenges and shifts in goals.
In the past, this step was performed annually and we now do this quarterly. This quarterly conversation has significantly strengthened our clients’ trust with us and contributed to a long term relationship.


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