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Raining Leads on LinkedIn with Matt Clark (Episode 062)

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About Matt:

Matthew Clark is the founder of The Virtual Edge and co creator of The Rainmaker System – an online marketing system that helps entrepreneurs get 2-5 high value leads per day from LinkedIn without paying for ads.

With their flagship programme Matthew and his business partner Wesley Longueira have helped over a thousand businesses in 17 countries grow exponentially. They are now on a mission to reach 10k businesses worldwide and build a vibrant community of Rainmakers! The success of The Rainmaker System has led to Matthew becoming a sought after international speaker and has shared the stage with big names like Dr. Phill, JT Foxx, Michael Douglas and many more.

Matthew is also the author of The Proven Path, The Automation Playbook and The Automated Income systems and has been featured in Wake up- How to live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle.

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I've taken my processes and systems and everything that I used to do on the door-to-door sales and applied it online with the full intents and purposes of 'how do we turn a connection into a customer in the shortest period of time?' ~ Matt Clark Share on X

In This Episode:

01:24 – Get to know Matt Clark
02:52 – Matt’s definition of a RainMaker
05:34 – Matt’s entrepreneurial journey
12:13 – Transform your LinkedIn profile from ordinary to irresistible / The Rainmaker Lead System
18:29 – Connecting with clients
24:49 – Effective search tips on LinkedIn
31:11 – Connect with Matt / Matt’s gift for listeners
32:30 – #OpenMic

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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

Other than using LinkedIn to build our business, we build relationships for joint ventures, affiliate partners and we speak on virtual summits to reach new audiences.

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