Search, Social and Clubhouse with Elaine Lindsay (Episode 088)

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About Elaine:

Elaine Lindsay pilots the SS Optimization on the digital seas as The Social Optimization Specialist & Speaker who works with savvy, small biz entrepreneurs 40+. An avid early adopter and lifelong learner she consistently analyses the trends and digs into the apps to provide the best use scenarios for integrating and optimizing search, social media, video, podcasts, audio and more.

Elaine believes INTEGRATION is KEY. Get your Mindset + Website + Social Media + SEO efforts congruent to signal the search engines your relevance online. Using TROOL’s Integrate & Optimize Method™, Elaine helps you to communicate to all of the search engines that you are the authority in your niche.

Elaine takes you further in your digital journey. providing leading-edge strategies to harness all the optimization for your online properties. You are able to better serve your audience, focus your social proof, and get found fast and first in the search results!

You can Find Elaine @ the corner of Search and Social.

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People do business with people. As a small business, you need to be seen as a person. Hiding behind your company doesn't help you. ~ Elaine Lindsay Share on X

In This Episode:

01:56 – Get to know Elaine Lindsay of TROOL Social
08:12 – Discovering SEO and driving people to a website
15:18 – Is voice search a game changer?
18:35 – The importance of adding a FAQ page on a website
26:51 – Debunking the biggest search and social myth
35:18 – Tips and tricks in using the Clubhouse app
46:03 – Do’s and Don’ts in using the Clubhouse app
51:16 – Connect with Elaine Lindsay
51:59 – #OpenMic

Reach out to Elaine Lindsay and the TROOL Social team to help you boost your online presence by making your digital accounts work together effectively.

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