Self-Love for Life with Chrystal Rose (Episode 080)

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About Chrystal:

Chrystal Rose is a multi-preneur and health & wellness expert. She is the podcast host of the Self Love Breakfast Club, an author, speaker and her boutique Rebellia is dedicated to helping women who struggle to find clothes that fit. Her coaching business includes XL Nutrition which helps busy people reach their fitness goals in a sustainable & balanced way.

Chrystal also offers a deeply different approach to personal development with her Self-Love for Life coaching program for high achieving women. She is obsessed with self-love, self-empowerment and helping women feel really good about themselves in every aspect of life.

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I'm not fixing people. I'm not healing people. I'm guiding them into their own healing. ~ Chrystal Rose Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:35 – Get to know Chrystal Rose
05:01 – Chrystal Rose’s Aha! moment and her health and wellness journey
15:34 – The diet industry is not selling health and wellness
21:25 – Chrystal’s personal approach to developing mind, body and spirit
30:18 – The Self-Love Breakfast Club Podcast / Working with Chrystal
34:24 – Rebellia — Women’s clothing that fits every unique body
37:49 – Chrystal’s powerful message to women
38:56 – Connect with Chrystal Rose / Chrystal’s gift for #M3Podcast listeners
40:04 – #OpenMic

Be your best self. Reach out to Chrystal Rose if you want to reach your fitness goals the sustainable and balanced way.

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What’s your #1 Marketing, Media & Money Strategy?

In terms of marketing, it’s really important to speak to your customer any time you put anything out there. If I were to give a health and wellness tip, I would suggest starting small and building on top of that as you go. There’s no reason to try to do everything all at once because that is how you experience burn out.

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