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Stepping into the Spotlight with Colleen Biggs (Episode 091)

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About Colleen:

Colleen Biggs is an award-winning Peak Performance Business Consultant with over 18 years of experience. She has launched over 340 businesses, is an International Speaker, #1 International Best-Seller Author, CEO of three businesses including Lead Up for Women, a community of thousands of female entrepreneurs that are driven by their passions, support and promote others with purpose to fuel female voices with power that are leading the way for all women world-wide to dominate the entrepreneurial market.

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If we're not willing to learn, we're unwilling to lead. ~ Colleen Biggs Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:45 – Get to know Colleen Biggs
03:48 – Colleen Biggs’ success journey
12:38 – Colleen on creating a membership site and building a community
16:56 – A big obstacle in business she had to overcome
28:43 – What she loves the most about her business today
31:11 – 1 key thing to do when joining communities to market and monetize
37:01 – Connect with Colleen Biggs
37:16 – Colleen Biggs’ FREE Gift for #M3Podcast listeners
38:17 – #OpenMic

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