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The Strategy of Event Planning with Sherrie Sokolowski (Episode 043)

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About Sherrie:

As a strategic event planner with 15-years of experience, Sherrie Sokolowski help clients realize their potential for success and create live events to grow their brand, while bringing profit to their business that continues long after the event. In this time of great need, she realized she had an obligation to help as many businesses use this time wisely to strategize and plan an experience their industry will seek out first and attend.

The starting point of Sherrie’s event planning career began with Bill Glazer and Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, as Bill’s Executive Assistant, where she quickly took on the additional role of Event Manager and Planner. With the blessing of working side by side with Bill and listening to the top Marketing Experts on stage for over 7 years, she learned a great deal of marketing tips, strategies, business planning and so much more.

Through determination and hard work, Sherrie learned quickly what it took to run smooth, successful and profitable events to get where she is today as the owner of SLS Event Planning and Consulting where she has helped over 50+ clients since 2012 create prosperous and effective live events that help grow their own businesses, while building their brand.

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When putting a live or virtual event on, outline your purpose so that you know what the outcome is going to look like. ~ Sherrie Sokolowski Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:43 – Get to know Sherrie Sokolowski
03:15 – Sherrie’s entrepreneurial journey
09:26 – Tips for newbie live event planners
13:13 – Budget vs Revenue goal
18:30 – Event planning myths
28:19 – On sponsorship assistance
33:14 – Virtual event planning and myths
40:42 – Sherrie’s thoughts on the “One size fits all” approach
49:32 – Connect with Sherrie
49:59 – Sherrie’s FREE gift for listeners
50:52 – #OpenMic

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I am using video and other virtual means to communicate to my tribe and clients on a weekly basis so they know I’m still there to help them. I am sharing what I am doing and learning now, so that they know we are in this together.

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