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The Superglue of Sales with LoriAnne Reeves (Episode 061)

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About LoriAnne:

LoriAnne Reeves works with her clients to build a business that makes a difference in the world, have a message that matters and make great money all at the same time. Using psychological power tools and a unique leadership approach, her clients are able to breakthrough barriers no matter the circumstances, step into their highest level leadership and maintain momentum in order to live an even greater expression of their purpose.

As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, LoriAnne uses her Masters in Psychology, her sales experience and building two other successful businesses to help her clients to a multidisciplinary approach to success.

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People want leadership. They want you to sell them something that gives them results, but you're gonna lead them. They want inspiration. And they want to know they can trust you. ~ LoriAnne Reeves Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:28 – Get to know LoriAnne Reeves
02:25 – The “disconnect” around sales
04:23 – The 5 Expressions of fear / Fear signatures
07:04 – Why are business owners reluctant to do sales?
12:00 – Steps to avoid fear of sales
15:27 – Sales language: effective and ineffective key words
18:12 – A common myth on sales
19:00 – Preventing discovery calls from turning into sales calls
24:42 – Sales in the new normal
29:46 – LoriAnne’s book: The Superglue to Sales
31:02 – Connect with LoriAnne / LoriAnne’s gift for listeners

WEBSITE: www.LoriAnneReeves.com
Get in touch LoriAnne Reeves if you want to build a business, make great money and make a difference all at the same time!

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The SuperGlue to Sales is the definite guide to the human psychology that shows up along the way during the sales process. From learning the language of trust and building business relationships to understanding your potential clients internal buying motivators to emotional buying triggers, this book will take you through all the psychological aspects of selling including your own motivators to sell.

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Sales makes you money. Marketing costs money. Do Sales first then get your Marketing Plan.

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