The Challenges Women Face in Business with Kathryn Rose (Episode 006)

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About Kathryn:

Kathryn Rose is the founding CEO of wiseHer, a global knowledge marketplace that helps women business owners and professionals overcome unique challenges on-demand through 1:1 access to thousands of executives, coaches/mentors, education and resources that accelerate business or career growth. She is a serial entrepreneur, former Wall Street sales leader and an author of 9 books. She has been featured in CBS Marketwatch, Fox News and more.

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Kathryn is also a highly sought after speaker at leading global industry events with technology powerhouses– Google, IBM, Dell Technologies and women focused events– Women in Tech Summit and the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration focused on helping IT professionals, women and small business leaders achieve a higher level of success. She is on the faculty for the IT leading association COMPTIA and a member of the Executive Council of Advancing Women in Technology and a sales coach for MBA candidates at Harvard Business School.

Kathryn is regarded for her grit, tenacity, creative problem solving, glass-half-filled approach and her ability to laugh, always. A tireless champion for women, she has received accolades for her vision, commitment, and leadership. She has dedicated her career to coaching, speaking, and writing best-selling business books that drive business owners to greater success with their sales and marketing efforts. She has created an outstanding network of women at every level, and in many industries, to support and promote women in their businesses or careers.

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01:22 – Kathryn’s intro
03:15 – Kathryn’s journey
07:00 – Challenges women face in the workplace today
12:17 – Kathryn’s advice
16:15 – The best piece of advice you’ve ever received
18:08 – A lesson that took you the longest to learn
22:28 – WiseHer
28:05 – Kathryn’s strategies
31:36 – Leverage with WiseHer
34:19 – Connect with Kathryn
34:59 – #OpenMic


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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

My number one strategy is to be VISIBLE, by doing anything and everything at first, any podcast, any speaking opp etc. as long as it fits your target audience. but make sure you are constantly sharing about everything you are doing.

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