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The Mindset of Follow-up with Wanda Allen (Episode 095)

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About Wanda:

Wanda Allen is an international speaker, coach, author and award winning business owner. She’s the author of Follow Up Savvy and Follow Up Sales Strategies.

Wanda had a 25 year corporate career where she held the position of Senior Vice President for 15 years. She has a sales background and worked with sales teams throughout her corporate career. She gained extensive training on business development, maintaining client relationships and customer service. She has a strong skill set for developing systems and applied this skill to the follow up process. What she teaches is tried, tested and proven.

After leaving the corporate world to pursue her own business ventures, Wanda founded her business, Follow Up Sales Strategies. She is an expert in helping entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals increase pipelines, improve sales performance and strengthen relationships by developing strong follow up skills.

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In This Episode:

02:00 – Get to know Wanda Allen of Follow Up Strategies
03:53 – Why do some sales people don’t follow up?
04:57 – The number 1 sales follow-up mistake
09:31 – The right questions to ask in a sales follow-up
16:53 – What to do next after getting a NO from a prospect
18:55 – The right mindset that will make the follow-up process easier
20:50 – Ways to overcome common sales follow-up fears
24:30 – How using a system is critical to follow-up success
33:04 – Wanda Allen’s book: Follow Up Sales Strategies
34:01 – Wanda Allen’s FREE Gift for #M3Podcast listeners
34:56 – #OpenMic
36:45 – Did Wanda Allen shift her follow-up strategies in today’s virtual environment?
37:40 – Connect with Wanda Allen


WEBSITE: www.followupsalesstrategies.com
Get in touch with Wanda Allen so you can start working on your follow-up strategies to reach your sales goals.

FREE Gift: 7 Follow Up Strategies To Close More Sales Books
Develop effective follow-up habits, stand out from your competition, make more sales with ease and more.


What’s your #1 Marketing, Media & Money Strategy?

The best marketing strategy I’m using right now is my existing relationships. I’m a speaker and I’m going to the relationships I have and asking for speaking leads. This has been generating more business for me without having to do research on groups or approaching them cold. The warm introduction and approval rating from my “people” are invaluable. So often salespeople are looking for new business by relying on their own calling efforts which isn’t a bad thing, but too often, they forget they know people who can help them generate more business. When relationships are being taken care of properly, it’s a great place to go to get leads.


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