The Power of Visibility: Building Trust, Attracting Clients, and Creating Opportunities with Bibigi Haile (Episode 138)

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In a world where women often question their worth and downplay their potential, one woman dared to bring about a powerful change. Bibigi Haile, founder of The Beauvoir Group, discovered the key to unlocking women's visibility and personal branding. But little did she know, her journey would take an unexpected twist, challenging her own beliefs and redefining her purpose.

Join us on this transformative journey as we uncover Bibigi's quest for unapologetic visibility.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Boost Your Visibility: Learn effective strategies to increase your visibility in the professional world and stand out from the crowd.
  •  Embrace Unapologetic Visibility: Discover the power of confidently showcasing your skills and expertise without apologizing for your success.
  •  Master Personal Branding: Unleash your unique personal brand to create a lasting impression and attract exciting career opportunities.
  •  Take Action for Success: Gain practical tips and actionable steps to take your career to the next level and achieve the success you deserve.
  •  Supercharge Your LinkedIn Presence: Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and leverage the platform's potential for networking and career advancement.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:03:34 - Finding Her Purpose
00:07:03 - Women and Imposter Syndrome
00:09:20 - Stepping into Expertise
00:11:13 - Embracing Visibility
00:14:15 - The Power of Language
00:14:52 - Importance of Having a Point of View
00:16:08 - Standing Out by Taking a Stand
00:17:26 - Embracing Individuality and Authenticity
00:18:22 - Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Liked
00:21:11 - Challenges Faced by Women
00:28:34 - The Definition of Showing Up
00:29:52 - The Impact of Visibility on Selling and Attracting Opportunities
00:31:55 - The Power of Being Real and Sharing Failures
00:34:18 - Embracing Visibility and Being Unapologetic
00:36:47 - Dealing with the "LinkedIn Police"
00:43:27 - The Importance of Sharing Your Point of View
00:45:55 - Exercise: Curating Content to Share Your Point of View
00:48:09 - Exercise: Creating Content from Your Expertise
00:49:29 - Using Social Proof to Shape Your Messaging
00:56:52 - Introduction
00:57:18 - How to Connect
00:58:05 - Guest Gifts
00:59:33 - Importance of Women's Visibility
01:00:25 - Number One Marketing Strategy

Bibigi’s #1 Marketing, Media & Money Strategy

Don't spend time on busy work. It is the easiest place to feel like we are working but we are procrastinating and avoiding being visible. Do at least one revenue generating activity a day. Just like you brush your teeth.

Bibigi’s Gift: One of the hardest things to get started on LinkedIn and the place where people procrastinate the most is when creating their profile. This cheat sheet will allow your audience to up level their LinkedIn with 5 easy steps.

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About Bibigi Haile

My special guest, Bibigi Haile, is the founder of The Beauvoir Group, a platform that empowers women in leadership to embrace unapologetic visibility and make bold moves in their careers. With her expertise as a sought-after keynote speaker and strategic advisor, Bibigi has earned her place on national stages, where she shares her insights on women's visibility, impostor syndrome, and personal branding. Through her podcast, Speaking with Women, Bibigi dives into the experiences of women in the modern workplace.

She is a proud mother, book nerd, and running enthusiast, bringing a well-rounded perspective to her work. Bibigi's AHA moment came during her maternity leave, when she realized the struggles women face in the professional world, particularly in recognizing their own worth and value. Since then, she has dedicated herself to helping women step into their brilliance and achieve the success they deserve.

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