Trade Show Secrets with Heather Phillips (Episode 022)

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Heather Phillips on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

About Heather:

Heather Phillips and is about far more than assisting businesses with every aspect involved in booking a trade show that makes sense and cents for them. Heather’s mission is to help bring a sense of relief from stress through education to business owners. Her approach takes business from scary to simple by breaking down the operation of any business into “too easy to understand basic terms,” and creating a list of easy steps to follow in order for her clients to reach their goals. This helps business owners create solutions they can easily use and implement to achieve growth. Heather has been providing such services on a company-by-company and client-by-client basis for over 20 years.

Heather provides facts to those seeking to tackle the tasks of featuring their businesses at trade shows so they can make a decision if an event or deal makes sense for them to invest in. Heather doesn’t offer suggestions or endorse any particular show/event. The businesses she works with is her sole vested interest. Through Heather’s efforts, she helps to build the customer’s brand by building the relationship with shows or prospective power partners or referral sources on behalf of the client.

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01:17 – Heather’s bio
02:01 – Let’s talk about trade shows
05:45 – Trade show considerations
09:10 – Issues, contracts and clauses
15:38 – Trade show planning with Heather/
18:48 – Working with exhibitors and sponsors
21:05 – Mistakes trade show exhibitors make
23:40 – Booth setup tips
– Freebie or No Freebie?
– Creative assistance and more
– Connect with Heather
34:25 – #OpenMic

Website: is a trade show event booking company that works with both exhibitors and sponsors from various industries on Trade Expos, Conventions and Trade Events. They deal with companies of all sizes from across the U.S. and the world.

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Know the difference between marketing and advertising and invest in both, but always know how much you are putting into each and monitor for the best ROI and reinvest in to the better yielding source of return.

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