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Work Less and Make More with Courses with Donna Ashton (Episode 075)

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About Donna:

Donna Ashton is an online course expert with 11 years creating and selling courses. She built her freedom lifestyle business using her Work Less Make More formula and has taught hundreds of others how to create and sell profitable programs that allow time for family, travel and that impact the world.

Her mission is to teach people how they can easily take the process they already have and make money with a course in their business to create a Freedom Lifestyle.

Whether you’re running a full coaching practice, are speaking or just slammed with family and life – adding digital courses creates leveraged income, without more work for you.

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In This Episode:

01:44 – Get to know Donna Ashton
03:06 – The power of good-selling courses
05:03 – How much content do you need to create a course?
08:47 – Donna recommends: Figure out the goal with your course
13:53 – Steps to create a course that sells
24:12 – Effective ways to market your course
29:59 – Monetizing your course
35:28 – Working with power partners (not affiliates) to sell your courses
42:16 – Connect with Donna
42:48 – Donna’s gift for #M3Podcast listeners: Create Your Course Quiz
43:42 – #OpenMic

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