Attracting Your IDEAL Clients and Brand Partners with Caitey Gilchrist (Episode 021)

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Caitey Gilchrist on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

About Caitey:

Caitey Gilchrist is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and creative for life. As the founder of a successful brand strategy business, Caitey has built kick-ass brands for a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs, including coaches, marketers, financial advisors and more.

With clients raving about her thoughtfulness and breadth of knowledge, Caitey is passionate about helping businesses and individuals uncover their authentic brand identities. She is dedicated to connecting human beings to their purpose, power and people, and empowers entrepreneurs to use their core message to create freedom in their lives and businesses.

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01:24 – Caitey’s bio
02:11 – Defining “Brand”
05:20 – Vulnerability in your brand story
07:56 – Embracing your quirks and flaws
12:49 – Branding pitfalls
16:51 – Most important brand elements
23:33 – Branding pet peeve
24:48 – Attracting IDEAL clients with your brand 
– Brand loyalty
– Brand partners
– Finding the best brand partners
34:00 – Summit as a marketing strategy
39:39 – Connect with Caitey
40:00 – Caitey’s Gift
41:00 – #OpenMic


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Enter a deeper level of connection with your audience by being vulnerable. Sharing your personal journey in your marketing, webinars and other customer interactions can help them remember you, relate to you and want to work with you as a result!

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