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Creating Processes to Increase Profit with Dafne Tsakiris (Episode 060)

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About Dafne:

Dafne Tsakiris is the founder and chief consultant at Launch Point where she works with business owners to streamline operations, build processes, systems and intuitive workflows. Her work enables organizations and teams to function at their best and be positioned for growth. Her main focus is on operational efficiency which is delivered with a world class customer experience to recoup lost revenue, break through business plateaus, and create a more fulfilling work life.

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If you're implementing processes that work for your business, you should be able to see a 30% increase in your profitability. ~ Dafne Tsakiris Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:23 – Get to know Dafne Tsakiris
02:56 – Dafne’s Aha moment
08:56 – Process creation: What to do/What to ask
11:23 – It’s all about scalability
14:04 – Working with Dafne
16:21 – Unlearning to learn a new process
18:47 – Leadership and enforcing new processes
21:56 – “Processes are like magic”
23:36 – Working with non-employees
27:33 – Creation erocess for entrepreneurs
30:10 – Do you work any ideal industry?
33:32 – Connect with Dafne
33:48 – Dafne’s gift for listeners
34:27 – #OpenMic

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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

Super clear follow-up system for power partners. I feel they are often overlooked and we try to go straight for the client, but those warm introductions from a trusted partner are worth their weight in gold.

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