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Cultivating Sales with Melissa Blair (Episode 067)

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About Melissa:

Melissa Blair is the CEO and founder of Cultivating Sales, LLC. She is a serial entrepreneur and the product of two entrepreneurial parents. Small business is in her DNA.

Melissa works exclusively with ambitious coaches & consultants who are tired of trying to duct-tape together a variety of different software programs in order to systematize & automate their sales process.

Cultivating Sales offers the first-ever all-in-one software platform built to manage your lead generation, marketing automation, sales follow-up, two-way texting, calendar scheduling, and so much more.

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There is nothing sleazy about sales. Sales is problem-solving. Sales is helping people. ~ Melissa Blair Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:21 – Get to know Melissa Blair – CEO and Founder of Cultivating Sales LLC
03:36 – Apprehensions on sales and marketing technology / The ease of automations
08:25 – What is cross channel marketing?
13:08 – Powerful automation and segmentation
17:01 – Data collection / CultivatingSales software data collection
23:15 – Top tips to increase sales
31:21 – The biggest myth in using automation technology
32:31 – Big mistakes entrepreneurs make when DIY-ing sales automations
35:10 – Questions to ask before getting started with sales and marketing automations
39:39 – Connect with Melissa / gift for #M3Podcast listeners
40:50 – #OpenMic

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Use 2 way texting to develop a deeper relationship with your audience. Offer your freebie via text and now they’ve entered themselves into your CRM.

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