Forget Brainstorming. Boost Your Sales by Question Storming Instead with Melina Palmer (Episode 143)

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When you’ve got a problem at work, how do you go about solving it? Many of us have been taught that “brainstorming” is the best course of action. Unfortunately, even though it has the word “brain” in it…this method goes against the brain’s natural tendencies. Melina will share why questions are better and how to use them to ensure you work on the right projects and problems moving forward. In this episode, you will discover how asking the right questions can transform relationships and generate sales and will leave you questioning your own problem-solving techniques.

By listening you’ll learn:

  • How the brain really works, and why that matters to everyone in business.
  • Why brainstorming doesn't work well with the brain's natural tendencies, and the value of questions.
  • What “Question Storming” is, and how to master using it in your business for effective problem-solving.
  • How to harness the power of reciprocity to drive business growth and customer loyalty.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 - Introduction to the Marketing, Media and Money Podcast
00:01:18 -  Introducing Melina Palmer and Behavioral Economics
00:03:10 - Applying Behavioral Economics in Different Contexts
00:08:42 - Leveraging Behavioral Economics for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
00:11:57 -  Finding the Right Audience and Pricing Strategy
00:15:28 - Importance of Sharing and Reciprocity on LinkedIn
00:18:00 - Going Above and Beyond to Stand Out
00:19:37 -  Discovering Behavioral Economics
00:22:15 – Question Storming vs. Brainstorming
00:23:40 - Understanding the Power of Questioning
00:29:56 - The Value of Question Storming
00:30:58 - Limitations of Brainstorming
00:32:22 – The Question Storming Process
00:33:54 - Challenging Assumptions
00:38:55 - Rethinking the Need for More Clients
00:43:47 - The Importance of Diversity in Problem Solving
00:45:06 – Question Storming vs. Group Thinking
00:48:39 - The Power of Questioning Everything
00:49:42 - Sneak Peek of Melina's Third Book
00:51:24 - The Mantra: Be Thoughtful


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About Melina Palmer

Melina Palmer is a highly accomplished expert in the field of behavioral economics. As the CEO of The Brainy Business, she provides specialized training and consulting services to businesses of all sizes, helping them harness the power of behavioral economics to drive better results. With her background in applied behavioral economics, Melina has a deep understanding of the intricate workings of human decision-making. She shares her extensive knowledge through teaching at the esteemed Texas A and M Human Behavior Lab, authoring three impactful books, and hosting The Brainy Business Podcast, which boasts a remarkable achievement of over a million downloads from listeners in more than 170 countries.

Melina's expertise in decoding customer behavior and optimizing marketing strategies has made her a sought-after resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to improve their marketing and sales approaches.

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