Forget Brainstorming. Boost Your Sales by Question Storming Instead with Melina Palmer (Episode 143)

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When you’ve got a problem at work, how do you go about solving it? Many of us have been taught that “brainstorming” is the best course of action. Unfortunately, even though it has the word “brain” in it…this method goes against the brain’s natural tendencies. Melina will share why questions are better and how to use them to ensure you …

Sales Or Spam: The Solution To Cold Email Outreach With Adam Rosen(Episode 121)

Patty Farmer podcast

Cold emailing, much like cold calling, often has a bad reputation as spammy or salesy. But when done right, it can be a great way to make personal connections with prospects. In this episode, Adam Rosen, a founder of a tech startup with a penchant for supporting business owners, takes us deep inside cold email outreach. He shares some of …

MMAM 115 | Buyer Resistance

Changing The Sales Game: Overcoming The Different Levels Of Buyer Resistance With Connie Whitman (Episode 115)

Patty Farmer podcast

Getting past buyer’s resistance might seem like a difficult proposition for many people in the field of sales. But with the right communication tools, you, too, can get past these objections and make that sale. In this episode, Patty Farmer discusses how to change the way you sell with Connie Whitman, CEO of Changing the Sales Game. Connie talks about …

Wesleyne Greer on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Transforming Conversations into Sales with Wesleyne Greer (Episode 068)

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About Wesleyne: With 10+ years in sales and leadership, Wesleyne Greer understands the challenges of being at the top of her game. Having managed multi-million dollar teams, Wesleyne marries her love for sales and her passion for coaching at Transformed Sales. She has a strong track record for driving revenue through sales, marketing, and ongoing customer support. This has earned …

Michael Volosen on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Using Rapport and Systems to Get More Sales with Michael Volosen (Episode 058)

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About Michael: Michael “Gyspy” Volosen is a performance based business consultant helping businesses grow with strategy, management practices and sales training. Michael is a graduate from the University of Dallas, where he graduated with his B.A. in English. While in college, Michael built several businesses and ran multiple organizations to pay his way through school. After graduating college, Michael took to …

Susan Young on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Story, Sales, and Speaking in Sound Bites with Susan Young (Episode 052)

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About Susan: Susan Young is an award-winning visibility strategist and founder of Get in Front Communications, Inc. For 20 years, Susan has been using online coaching and workshops to teach entrepreneurs how to self-promote with confidence, have a crystal clear introduction and be seen as a credible leader who makes an impact. A former radio news reporter and on-air anchor, …