MMAM 122 | Genius Quotient

Make Your Message Stick Using Your Genius Quotient With Catherine Mattiske (Episode 122)

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—Have you ever played email ping pong, looked at an audience with glazed eyes, or been on a zoom meeting with distracted attendees? You know your IQ, your EQ, so it’s time to know your GQ, your Genius Quotient. By unlocking your Inner Genius, you’ll be able to supercharge your communication to land your message every time you write, speak, …

MMAM 115 | Buyer Resistance

Changing The Sales Game: Overcoming The Different Levels Of Buyer Resistance With Connie Whitman (Episode 115)

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Getting past buyer’s resistance might seem like a difficult proposition for many people in the field of sales. But with the right communication tools, you, too, can get past these objections and make that sale. In this episode, Patty Farmer discusses how to change the way you sell with Connie Whitman, CEO of Changing the Sales Game. Connie talks about …

Kevin E West on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Communication Efficiency and Storytelling with Kevin E. West (Episode 047)

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About Kevin: Kevin E. West is both a Hollywood veteran television actor and a bad-ass communication Keynote speaker with over 65 plus credits including Guest Stars on The Righteous Gemstones, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds, Bones, Lost, all starting with Matlock in ‘90. Speaking since ‘91, Kevin’s message is often raw, deeply personal, some colorful language and yet directed precisely at …