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Transforming Conversations into Sales with Wesleyne Greer (Episode 068)

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About Wesleyne:

With 10+ years in sales and leadership, Wesleyne Greer understands the challenges of being at the top of her game.

Having managed multi-million dollar teams, Wesleyne marries her love for sales and her passion for coaching at Transformed Sales. She has a strong track record for driving revenue through sales, marketing, and ongoing customer support. This has earned her numerous accolades, including multiple “sales team of the year” and “sales excellence” awards.

Through her process, she empowers, coaches, and transforms underperforming sales managers into confident sales leaders. She understands that sales leadership requires both coaching to develop leadership skills and outside the box strategies to ensure everyone on the team becomes a sales superstar with a singular focus for her clients—more repeatable sales.

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Even though you're only talking 25% of the time, every single thing you say has value. It should be actionable and have meaning. Everything you do has to have purpose and intention.~ Wesleyne Greer Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:37 – Get to know Wesleyne Greer
03:08 – Marketing vs sales funnel
05:49 – Dispelling the #1 sales myth
12:40 – One big mistake people make in sales
16:39 – What’s the best compliment you’ve received from a client?
20:27 – Discovery call vs sales call
29:21 – Working with Wesleyne / Where her strengths Lle
35:38 – Something you wish you knew/did before You became a sales coach
41:09 – Connect with Wesleyne
41:24 – Wesleyne’s gift for #M3Podcast listeners
42:11 – Wesleyne’s Podcast – Snack Size Sales
43:15 – #OpenMic

WEBSITE: www.transformedsales.com
Reach out to Wesleyne Greer if you’re ready to fine tune the sales process in your business.

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