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Generating Revenue as a Podcast Guest with Tamara Patzer (Episode 041)

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About Tamara:

Tamara “Tami” Patzer is a former editor and a member of the Pulitzer-prize nominated Sun Coast Media Group news team for coverage of Hurricane Charley. She is the creator of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Social Media Certification program and is a frequent social media expert guest on TV news programs across the nation on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CW.

Tamara is the creator of the Authority Footprint Formula and the creator/producer of Beyond of the Best Seller Marketing System. She helps her clients share their big messages and big missions via book publishing, social media and mass media exposure to help them have ore impact, influence, and income.

Tamara is the host of Women Innovators, Optimal Health Radio, Thought Leaders Show and Blue Ocean Authority.  She is also the creator of Six Figure Podcast Guest.

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As a podcast guest, you're an educator and an advocate about a topic and you're providing value to your listeners so that they can make decisions about what they can do to become more successful. ~ Tamara Patzer Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:40 – Tamara’s bio
04:23 – Tamara’s entrepreneurial journey
08:45 – Podcast guesting myths
11:23 – The top mistake podcast guests make
14:29 – How to stand out as a podcast guest
30:58 – How to get booked on more podcasts
41:20 – How to leverage podcast appearances
49:44 – Connect with Tamara
50:15 – Tamara’s FREE gift for listeners
51:10 – #OpenMic

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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

Repurpose your podcast guest appearance. Transcribe it, create content for your blog and social media, turn it into a book chapter etc. Use it to grow your marketing list and provide great value out to the world.

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