Jo Hausman on Marketing Media & Money Podcast

Go for it! Perseverance to Profitability with Jo Hausman (Episode 018)

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Jo Hausman on Marketing Media & Money Podcast

About Jo:

Jo is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, real estate investor, former international live radio talk show host and is an Amazon Best Selling author. Her book is called Go For It! A Woman’s Guide to Perseverance. She loves to empower and mentor women to live a life of purpose, passion and payday through building their own business.

Her expertise lies in starting businesses and networking! The power of networking is how she built and sustained her businesses. The passion she has comes from empowering women to live in a positive life and build a success business.

Her humor, enthusiasm and love for God are where Jo’s strength comes from. She is a mom to one adult son and 2 fur babies. Nothing gives her greater joy than being a mom. She is very active in the community and gives back through networking and volunteering in her church and community.

Jo has appeared on numerous television, radio, blogs and podcasts around the world. She has been an contributing blogger to and had an article published in Readers Digest.

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01:30 – Jo’s intro
03:40 – Top myths about networking
09:09 – Jo’s revenue-generating strategy
15:53 – Top follow-up strategies
17:35 – Networking introductions
21:25 – Networking pet peeves
26:37 – Go For It! A Woman’s Guide to Perseverance
30:29 – On becoming a real estate investor
32:44 – Jo’s live radio show/podcast talk
49:25 – #OpenMic
52:05 – Connect with Jo


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  • Be you whether on social media or in person. No one likes a fake person and it will become evident once they meet you in person.
  • Always bring positive affirmation — on posts, when responding to people, etc.
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